Time For Some Fun!*

Justina glanced at the other women. Some of them seemed tough looking.
She couldn't simply stand there and be treated so rudely. She decided to act.

"No? Didn't think so. Get ready for some mayhem lady!"
Justina glanced around, assessing the situation. More women than slavers. Good odds. More confusion.
She reached into a front pocket of her shorts under the chaps, located her small, but handy-in-a-fix miniature laser. It could stun someone at close range, or...
Aiming at the barrel she held the unseen beam steady as she could. The contents began to smoulder, then a flame errupted! It grew and their captors began to notice.
She yelled, "Fire! Ohmigod! Scatter! Aaaaah! Get some water! Hurry!"
Grabbing her closest neighbor, being Tu'Vass, she pulled her into the saloon. "Let's go!"

Once inside Justina ran behind the bar shouting, "We've got an emergency!"
Then she whisked three bottles from the counter and went back outside.
The armed men were either trying to capture their hostages, or put out the fire.
Knocking the tops off one by one she started pouring the contents onto the blaze. A goon was very close to the flames and she offered to help.
"Here, sir! Dowse yourself with this!" and she began dumping the liquid onto him.
He looked wild-eyed at her, "But that stuff burns, lady!"
She grinned, "Oh? Sorry. I can't read!" Then she gave him an unexpected shove, towards the blooming inferno! He screamed as his clothing ignited.

Her new ally had followed suit. After throwing some booze on the growing fire a man reached for Tu'Vass, who simply downed him by hitting him in the skull with a bottle.
She said, "Good shot. I'm Justina."
Tu'Vass just gave her a confused look, so she gestured with her fingers dangling and wiggling them saying, "Run like Hell!"
Then she went to get two of the guns the slavers had set down to fight the fire.

Justina waved at the two others she had noticed with the girl. "Inside the saloon!"
She ran in and ordered, "Everybody down! There's gonna be a lot of bullets flying!"
As Tu, and the others came in Justina saw they had had similar motivations. They also had confiscated some weapons.
"Barricade!" She grabbed a table, flipped it on its side and shoved it towards a window. The idea caught on rather quickly, and she had started to shoot at the badguys.


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