Wondering around the ship decks

"Oh, thank you, doctor!"
Wherever I go my Cat comes too, his names; Robert, and hes the only one who seems to show kindness to me.
The Doctors, with Dusty and his cat trailing behind them making their way up to one of the higher decks, along with a few of the prisoners who wasn’t sure on what to do now they had been set free.
“Let’s hope that awful short pirate is knocked out cold for a while, good job we locked him in one of the cells!”
Said Ransom in a very cheerful voice.
As they made it to one of the higher decks of the ship they noticed they had a slight problem,
There were still quite a crew members on this Airship who weren’t going to let them escape in a hurry.
“The moment any of the Airships crew sees us, they will know straight away we aint one of their crew, because we have a better fashion sense than they ever will have!” said South.
Dustie picked up his beloved cat and said; “Sirs, I recommend we avoid this deck if possible its swarming with low life's, who believe me your would not want to cross paths with, as soon as someone realizes the shorty pirate is missing well we are Smegged!”
“Okay then, what do we do now then? Until the others arrive, apart from wonder around avoiding pirates with fashion problems?!” Said Ransom.
Do we really want to meet the captain? Said South, sounding very nervous.
“I can tell you from previous experience the Captain is one person who everyone on this ship fears, I know he will want to meet you, but honestly you don’t want to know what he does to prisoners, after questioning them”
South and Ransom both looked at each other, before Ransom said;
“I can just guess what sort of horrible tortures he will do to us, if he don’t get the answers he wants”
Together im sure we can work out something, said South.
“While we try to come up with some form of plan which hopefully will get us out of this mess, Why dont you get some food??, I know humans think better after a good meal, follow me Sirs” Said Dustie.

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