Round N' Round

Jamie came panting out onto the desk out of breath.

“I need a clothes hanger, a screwdriver, some duct tape, that man’s false leg and a diamond.” He said, feverishly hunting around and pointing to one of the men who was limping whilst carrying one corner of the Admirals makeshift stretcher.

“I.. what?” Jade said, blinking at the crazed engineer.

“No time! Losing altitude… Jamaica…” He babbled, rugby tackling the man with the false leg. Cass was quick enough on her feet to grab the towel before the Admiral suffered more injuries.

“Mr Eastlick. Expediency would be nice!” Came Artemis’ slightly panicked voice over the loudspeakers. Jade peeped over the edge of the deck and sure enough she could see the island of Jamaica looming closer and closer….


Cass dropped her jaw as she saw Jamaica getting closer by the minute. She quickly yelled at some passerby to take her place holding the injured General up and escorting him to the Medical Bay on the lower decks.

Cass: Ah SMEG! Jamie fix this ship dammit. We don't have much time!

Jamie: I know! I'm working on it!

Jamie collected the odd materials he needed to make the repairs before he ran down the stairs to the engine room. Fearing Jamie need more time Cass strained her brain for other solutions to by time for Jamie. As she ran various scenarios in her mind she saw the small fighter planes flying by. Perhaps Jamie and Artemis had a plan but time was not on their side. They needed more time to engage any plan they could come up with. As Cass looked around she saw Evelina still out cold next to Mecha Jaxx who was working on the weapon stock pile next to them in a basket. Suddenly Cass got an idea and yelled at Mecha Jaxx

Cass: Hey Tin Head!

Mecha Jaxx simply ignored her as he worked on consolidating ammo for the better fire arms. At this point his skin and organ were healed up as he had regenerated.

Cass: Dammit Jaxx! If you haven't noticed we are going to crash into that island!

He looked up and scanned the situation then looked at Cass.

Mecha Jaxx: Affirmative. The crew and ship are in danger.

Cass: No shit Sherlock! We need to keep the ship from crashing till the others can fix the ship's controls and engines.

Mecha Jaxx: Affirmative. Assessing a plan.

Cass: I already have one you dolt! We need you to manually turn the rubber so we avoid the island and any reefs nearby!

Mecha Jaxx: Affirmative. This plan of action will work.

Cass: Well what are you waiting for?

He looked around and scanned the area till he found a large box containing a long rope with a grappling hook on it. These were normally used to secure a ship to a dock to prevent drifting. Then he picked up the rope and looked at Cass and Evelina.

Mecha Jaxx: I'll be back. (slight grin)

He then ran to the back of the ship and secured the rope around his waist tightly and then tied the grappling hook to the stronger part of the railing. Then he jumped off the rails and plummeted into the turbulent waters. As soon as he hit the water he was caught in the turbulent propeller wash which spun him in circles and tightened the rope around his waist leaving large bruises. After a few seconds of spinning he managed to grab the rope and pull himself towards the rudder. Normally any human would have either drowned or been crushed by the forces of the rope and drag of the water, however Mecha Jaxx was a cyborg comprised of a robotic metal skeleton inside a human body. As he pulled himself closer and closer to the rudder he knew time was not on his side. Eventually he managed to get past the props and onto the reinforced railing around the rudder and get into a secure position before pulling the rudder hard to the right. The rudder was slow to move as his hand sank into metal of the rubber. He pulled with devoted determination to protect Evelina as he programming was fixated on her protection. As he managed to pull the rudder all the way to the right it caused the ship to rock a bit and jostle everyone about the ship. Once he had a good grip he held the rubber as the ship changed course and moved in a circle. Of course this course of action did not sit well with some of the passengers as they began to get seasick.


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