Piping up and Cakes

<snip> "Ah, worry not" Superior cooed reaching over to Brett. "Do you have much cooking oil on hand?"

Dr. South watched the scene quietly. "This is the best possible course of action," he snarked <snip>

Gavin watched the madness unfold around him and the more he learnt about his new found friends he longed for the banality of working with emotionless mechanoids.

"Ok guys, it seems to me we could offer them a cake as a peace offering" Gavin piped up and saw several pairs of eyes staring back at him and he understood he had said the wrong thing when Jaime edged an away from him

"You can be a real Smeg-head can't you" Dr South exclaimed "we are trying to negotiate with these guys not pop around for Sunday lunch"

"I disagree, we could probably whip something up in about half an hour and I doesn't everybody like a cake?" Brett said from the direction Gavin presumed the kitchen was, making a mental note to investigate the ship fully after this he was distracted by some sort of electrical disturbance. He couldn't see it but it definitely had the same feeling like the time he had accidently taken the fuse-box apart in his apartment "Uh guys..." he started to say

"A cake sounds like a brilliant idea, and if things go wrong we could probably sell it too them for a few hundred dollars" Superior interrupted

"We can't go in ask them for some land and then when they disagree, offer to sell them a cake" Dr Artemis chimed in.

"Uh guys..." Gavin tried again as he noticed a small light materialize, "Does anyone know why a small light would be materializing out of thin air?"

At this the small the group turned to look in the direction Gavin was looking in "Who is up for continuing this conversation anywhere else but here?" Gavin asked as he started to head back down the corridor from where they were just standing


OOC: Thought I would leave it short and vague for my first attempt, feedback is welcome. I also kind of liked the idea of bringing in a Time-cop, hence the light but if not we could probably disregard it as a light-bulb or something

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