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Summary: An Atemporal Space Hamster.

White Wolf

Gender: Presumed Male. (Anyone care to volunteer to pick up his tail and find out?)

Age: Old, Unbelievably, Old.

Group: Officers


Well... He *was* Human, but now he is some sort of 'Space Hamster'.


Is an Ex-Captain of the Blue Dwarf, but was marooned on the planet Roo for the past 3 billion years and gotten a little 'stranger than Phil' in many ways.

Physical Appearance

About 6'1", weighing 350 pounds. Looks like a huge *human sized* hamster with tan fur and various darker brown colored patches, with slightly glowing red eyes. Often seen darting about on all fours from time to time, but usually is standing upright on his hind legs, sometimes looking like he's going to leap towards the ceiling at a moments notice.

Personality and Interests

Notes on his personality from his previous commander:-
Is a trustworthy "problem solver" with a docile temperament, and is generally easy to get along with. But a history of biting & 'pouching' incidents has been noted while being handled roughly or picked up.

Also, very rarely, White Wolf has gotten into squabbles with other member of the team, while these often sound much worse than they actually are, they seldom result in injury to White Wolf himself. But unfortunately, the same can not always be said for his opponents. Some individuals report severe mental problems after being subjected to being 'pouched' by White Wolf.

Also, a fascination with using duct tape and other strange devices in his repair activities seems to be the single major deviation from the "normal" behavior that one would expect from a 'overgrown hamster'.

After becoming a 'Space Hamster', White Wolf has shown due diligence in applying his new found spare time to learn many new talents, such as, using duct tape to patch our warbots back together, a wonderful spot application of super glue to staunch the bleeding of our hemophiliac petty officers frequent paper-cut wounds, and most remarkably on 'how to communicate in Morse code' via machine gun fire!

While on a away mission to alpha zeta four White Wolf successfully applied this particular talent to get their non-violent message across to a TK 440 troop killer before the overzealous ships chief security officer blew it up while trying to add his own exclamation point to White Wolf's communicated sentence.

Though the incident was regrettable, and I'm glad none of landing party had to endure the TK 440's forthcoming response.

A good deal of White Wolf's time is spent on his 'new' hobby of constantly darting about exploring new fields of study in his free time, while hoarding whatever various things he can his paws on for later scientific examination & experimentation, gnawing on, or just plain eating. But a preference for rolls of duct tape has been noted in his hoarding activities along with goofy scientific gadgets and miscellaneous plastic baggies.


White Wolf was born into a human family who prided their American Indian heritage, hence he was named in the tradition of his forefathers. His father was a rough & tumble fighting military man, while his mother was a smart, smooth corporate interpreter and deal negotiator. While his father instilled in him the ways of being a tough fighting man, his mother taught him to be in touch with his spiritual side. With his parents strange duality in his upbringing he learned how to come to speaking terms with anybody, and how beat the living cr*p of them whenever that didn't work.

Since his father always advocated that being in the military was the best thing that ever happened to him, and his mother always taught him to try to use non-violent options first, White Wolf decided to that the one thing that would make his parents proud would be to enter the JMC on his 21st birthday and start a career in being a communications officer.

In general, White Wolf's early career in the JMC was pretty ordinary, he had served on each assignment with distinction. That is, until he was posted to the Alpha Beta Far Base. Where White Wolf and his rowdy security officer friends went looking to break up the monotony of being on such a far away base, usually went on a extreme dares while on various benders.

While on one of those drunken benders, White Wolf and his friends were in engineers experimentation lab trying out various drinks in a blender thingy for an *absolutely* fantastic buzz.

When one of White Wolf's friends dared him to put the Engineers pet hamster into the engines accelerator chamber for a laugh. White Wolf being extremely drunk at the time, thought it was a great idea, and while grabbing the engineers pet hamster, walked (fell is more like it) into the accelerator.

Then something *extraordinary* happened. In brilliant flash, White Wolf and the little pet hamster vanished. The extremely alarmed friends urgently called the engineer to inform him that they lost his pet hamster... and somehow misplaced White Wolf in the process.

The engineer, who was more worried about his recent black hole induced longevity experimentation was going to go to waste, immediately dismantled the accelerator chamber and went to work setting up his apparatus at nearby black hole research facility.

As the engineer put it "I put the darned thing thing on reverse" and out popped White Wolf, now a 6' 1" hamster with a really unbelievable hangover. (Ever since then, White Wolf has had an understandable aversion to drinking any form of alcohol.)

The engineer, feeling sorry for the poor bloke, took it upon himself to help rehabilitate White Wolf. He taught White Wolf how to use his paws claws and all, to work with things so he could make and repair the various items he would need in his new 'hamsterish' life.

Being a 6' 1" hamster, lead to many changes in White Wolf's life. The urge to pouch things in his cheeks, to move about on all fours very quickly, (he was told it was bad manners not to use two legs), to make his bed out of wood shavings, relishing 'jogging in place' on a treadmill, and when he found he could leap onto things five times his height he found it nearly impossible to curb his urge to leap onto such high things in the instant he saw them (since it usually scared a lot of people), these were all things White Wolf could deal with.

But there were many other strange things the Engineer often attributed to his being of 'hamster genetics', that White Wolf often wasn't sure if the engineer was telling him the complete truth. Like for one, how he only needed 3 hours of sleep. For another, he didn't feel conformable being idle for very long. (The plus side of this was it lead him to taking up some duties on the other two work shifts.) And another was his inability to satisfy his appetite at all. He would eat (or gnaw on) everything in sight, But he would never gain any weight! (By all rights, he should have been one fat hamster!)

But the engineer would always explain, "It's just your speeded up metabolism, don't worry about it.".

Finally, when it became apparent to White Wolf he wasn't aging at all - Especially when he found out a hamster was only supposed to live five years, and he had been with the engineer for nearly ten, He confronted the engineer.

The Engineer said, "Well, Umm, since you were, Ahh.. um.. conceived... No, spawned... hmmm, No, Well you were *whatevered* at the event horizon of a Black Hole, so your probably 'Atemporal'."
"You mean, I'm not effected by time in the same fashion as you, Mom & Dad?"
"Ah huh. Somehow your 'outside of time' as it were. So I suspect you'll have a most perplexing life."
"Oh, this does not bode well."

White Wolf was later posted to the Blue Dwarf as a replacement first shirt Comm officer, second shift Security officer and third shift Engineer handyman. And in his years of service aboard the Blue Dwarf he was eventually promoted to Captain. (Mostly because nobody else wanted the job at the time.)

But through a bizarre series of event, White Wolf and his mechanoid companion WD-40, were stranded on the planet Roo for the past 3 billion years. The planet being populated by genetically modified rodent servants, White Wolf quickly became the most popular rodent, and father to many descendants. But unfortunately for White Wolf & WD-40, the planets politicians could not tolerate such popular and eventually succeeded in exiling White Wolf through a Kangaroo mouse court hearing.

Favourite Sayings

"Me? A hyper, overgrown Hamster? Nah... I'm just a Space Hamster. So, what's your problem?"

"A little duct tape will fix that up in a jiffy."

"Oh My"

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