Concerns and Diversions Pt.2: Welcome from South

Dr. Black pulled the stethoscope away from South's chest. “Nope,” she said with a smile, “doesn't seem to be anything wrong with you. Aside from a lack of sleep, you're healthy.”
She tucked them back into her lab coat with her only remaining hand, the other sleeve was pinned closed. “Nothing out of the ordinary? You sure?”
“Doubt my opinion, or are you a hypochondriac?”
South chuckled, “No, no, I trust you Doctor. Just paranoia.”
“If anything you're very healthy for the kind of schedule you keep. You really should sleep more.”
“I've never felt like sleeping at night, Dr.” he pushed himself off the table, “As a child I always thought I'd miss something important if I slept.”
“Old habits die hard I suppose.”
“Yes I suppose...” he trailed off as Holly flickered onto the screen. “Right dudes, good 'ol Artie', knowlegable master of all degrees wanted me to tell you dudes that them dudes have got something out there that they're bringing in here.”
The crew there and in the Refractory waited for him to be more specific. “Is that it?” someone asked. “Oh right, yeah, detials, gotcha'. It's the remains of an alien space craft, dudes, with a single survivor. A girl by the look of it, but who can tell these days, eh? She's sick, unless she always looks like that, so he's putting her in quarantine chamber. No one goes down without a HAZMAT suit dudes. Right, that's it.” his head bobbed for a moment then flickered off again. “Aliens!” South exclaimed. “I love aliens!”
“Your going down there aren't you?”
“Smeg YES I'm going down there! Aliens Dr. Black, are so much fun! They're beautiful, so much more pure evolution than GELFs.”
He ran over to the the materials cabinet on the far side of the medical bay, rummaging through it haphazardly, much to the dismay of the always tidy Dr. Black. “The last aliens I met,” he blurted out, “were so bloody COOL! They-” he pulled a spare HAZMAT suit out and began to quickly tug it on, “-they had--and this was brilliant buy the way, never seen this anywhere else--” he smiled, “they had their genitals on top of their heads, haha!”
He nearly dropped the helmet laughing. “They were called...Oh smeg I've forgot...” His expression went from happy to puzzled beofre, “Oh well doesn't matter. Lovely people though, very good at shaking hands, they are, what with four arms. But never think them rude if they don't take of their hats when the walk inside...” he pointed to no one in particular, “...or start smelling things with their groin...” he pulled the reset of the suit up to his wait and jogged towards the door, turning halfway, nearly tripping on his own feet to say “Come on Doctor! Don't you want to see what you can do to help a new species?”
South sprawled through the door, Jade shaking her head slightly at South's enthusiasm. Of course she was going, there was someone sick, and she was a doctor.
* * *
Jade and South arrived together, both walking up to the window in HAZMAT suits, fully sealed against any pathogens. “Dr. Black,” started Artemis, “Glad you're here, I didn't want to begin any kind of treatment without a qualified MD present.”
“Well I'm here now,” she spoke as she moved towards the air lock seal, “what have we got?” she asked after she passed through. “Well, she-- NO! No, you are not coming in here” he nearly shouted when he noticed South moving towards the air lock, “minimal personnel only until we know she's not a medical threat, is that under....” Artemis trailed off while South ignored him, passing through the airlock anyways, “...stood. Great. Don't listen to me, again!”
“Calm down Artemis.” South started. “No, we don't need a botanist here, South, she's an alien, not a plant.”
“Biologist actually,” his voice was surprisingly calm this time, “and how do you know she's not floral in evolution?”
“Fine--biologist there--” Artie gestured at South, “--Xenobilogist here, I think we have biology covered. And she certainly isn't.”
“I'm a time biologist from the 120th century, I've probably seen more aliens in my day-to-day than you did three million years ago. I might be useful. Also, never start a sentence with 'and' it's a conjunction, and it just sounds silly like that.” South approached the table. Artemis grumbled. “Now he's an english teacher!”
“Oh my...” South breathed, admiring the alien, “ are absolutely beautiful.”
“Oi! Keep it professional!” Artemis said. “Don't deny it Mr PhD, she is a beautiful example of life in the universe.”
Artemis sighed “If I can't get rid of you, just sit down over there until I ask for you help.” he commanded. South obliged, seating himself in the corner, satisfied that he had dified the brain and gotten his way, while Artie and Jade went on examining the alien for some time, taking readings while he watched them work. They had only been there for a short time before the alien responded to a pupil dilation test before by sitting up, perfectly calm despite her nudity.
Her eyes flickered round the room seeming to be taking in everything. Tu'Vass thought she must be dreaming. "Usedukatōk ot iumas ometot aw ohsab onok" she rambled in her chirpy voice running her finger tips on the smooth metal slab. She blinked again, and the brain in a jar came into clear view. "Usedōymik ometot aw ōn on ihsataw" she said before her face went more pale. Tu covered her mouth letting out a small burp, bur her other hand covered her stomach the (apparently) interstellar sign for 'going to puke'. It was to late to stop her or get something for her to use before she did. The emesis smelled nothing like a human. It smelled like citrus fruit and hazelnuts. After the matter had concluded Tu had a look of someone who was to sorry for words, even if they could understand her.
<end snip>
She turned and looked around the room, spotting South in the corner, still waiting to help until he was asked. She looked right at his face and smiled a beaming smile at her, his arms uncrossing momentarily wiggly his finger in a “hello!” gesture. She smiled as best she could under the circumstances and returned the gesture. “ōn on ihsataw” she said again, apologetically nodding towards the vomit on the floor. South chuckled softly and kept smiling.
OOC – Sorry for the2 parter, I've had a few ideas I've been working on for South, and his goal(s) in the story. Oh, and GentlmanDoctor, posts seem to go back and forth between long and short here, so don't sweat it. :)
Also, tagged those mentioned in the locations mentioned in the last two posts, and...what were those aliens called? With the hats and the custard, and the four arms? E'fof Yu'Wanker, ya' know....?

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