Some days just aren't your day...

Where: Still not on the Blue Dwarf.
When: Meh.

Candice woke up sometime later, or at least that is what it felt like as she lifted her head and blearily looked around at the seemingly endless corridor with a series of doors marked in seven digit numbers, interspersed at regular intervals with all varieties of vending machines, tables & chairs about decorated in a bright white. She experienced several flashes of memories quickly as she considered her surroundings while blinking slightly. She recalled several names that she seemed to associate with what she was seeing. "the Warrens", "the Gap", "the Habitrail".

"The Habitrail?!?" It gave her pause as she tried to make sense out of that, but was quickly sidetracked as she heard some electronic beeps coming from her left, and glanced over to see a familiar 6' 1" furry shape using a claw to punch keys on a keypad on one of the vending machines nearby.

"Enter Payment Code" Said an electronic female voice, and the familiar furry beast carefully punched some more keys on the keypad with it's claw.

"Authenticating Payment Authorization" Said the electronic female voice as a large hatch opened in the vending machine as Candice quickly recognized the furry fellow as being White Wolf.

A shiny metallic hand snapped out of the vending machine hatch and grabbed him by the throat.

He exclaimed "What the?" and braced his paws against the machine as it quickly yanked him inside.

Then the hatch snapped shut. From inside, Candice heard "Now, there's no need for that, I'm trying to repair a friend".

There was a loud whirring noise from inside.

"no, no, no" Called White Wolf and that was followed by a disconcertingly loud metallic shriek.

She heard White Wolf give a sharp yip of pain, followed by a thump and a crash from inside the machine.

"Not there." shouted White Wolf and the vending machine shook slightly.

"not there either." as the vending machine shook and bounced a little more violently.

"Yeow!" and then came something that sounded an awful like a muted explosion.

The hatch on the vending machine opened and with an audible "P'tui!" the singed and battered space hamster came sailing out, hitting the far wall and falling into a trash receptacle like a piece of wadded up paper being discarded.

He groggily stood up muttering, "Retina, claw, fur, saliva, blood, anal scan and I still have fill out a credit application?!?!?" while glancing at the paper that was in his paw, "I'm using Phil's code instead my own next time, at least they use a wooden mallet for anesthesia..."

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