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Summary: A Synthetic Female Companion/SemblenceBot

Candice Kane

Gender: Female

Age: 21 (but may vary)

Group: Civillians & Other


Initially a Synthetic Human (Companion model), but with White Wolf's botched repair, she is essentially a Roo SemblenceBot (or SemBot for short).


Currently she's companion to White Wolf and whatever else she thinks she can without getting to 'showy' of her advanced tech, skills & abilities.

Physical Appearance

Variable. Her standard form is as seen in her pic a Blue haired Katy Perry lookalike. Her bioplastic frame and tissue are self-programmable to suit the needs of whomever she is a companion for, in this case an Atemporal Space Hamster. (She can also simulate makeup and hair dyes, tans, etc.) She is strictly a female human in form - never male. Clothing is not a part of her body and must be worn like any other human.

She CAN render her body transparent. But she would still be rather visible due to refraction. She can also make herself phosphorescence. She likes doing this with hair dyes.

Personality and Interests

She was designed as a Companion, almost a futuristic version of a blow up sex toy, but vastly more sophisticated. She has all the emotions of humans, but less interest in independence despite being emancipated. Her mind is that of a true AI and capable of learning.

She is currently expanding her horizons with White Wolf and the Blue Dwarf crew, taking on a learning role from him, despite the fact the his introduction of Roo-SemblenceBot routines and ethics by sacrificing part of his friend, WD-40's chip. Her natural interest is learning about the universe, albeit with a mild per-disposition with Roo military, strategy, special ops, stealth & fighting that she acquired from this fusion of her programming and the Roo-SemBot routines.


Very little is known about Candice's previous owner due to the rebuild, but she does know that he passed away of old age, and suggested she go out into the multiverse and take advantage of it's full experience. Which coincidentally, being with White Wolf and Dwarfers happens to make a pretty nice fit.

Candice was designed as a synthetic Companion, made of an advanced form of bioplastic, biogel and Roo SemBot tech. Bioplastic is essentially an femtomite level Morphable carbon femtomite-tubes. It can be programmed to alter color and physical properties. A sheet of the stuff is tougher than standard Fullerene Armor. An advanced version of this called reflex allows reinforcement at the cost of becoming temporarily rigid to spread impact.

She feels completely human to the touch and can simulate life functions - though she doesn't have to. She does NOT actually need to breathe - and is unharmed by vacuum conditions. She can eat, but barely needs anything - unless repairing massive damage. She can convert energy & mass to regenerate and maintain power levels.

She is a true AI and capable of warmth and emotion. She is extremely
intelligent, but as a companion model, she doesn't show this off, unless her
analysis indicates that is what her charge likes. She is skills in all manner of ... ahem ... companionship. This will include sedentary skills like cooking, first aid, and such. She is much stronger than a human and her bones are virtually unbreakable. Even if they somehow do, she simply regenerate them.

While electrocution won't accidentally change her, it will likely make her go rigid. (She actually becomes tougher when rigid like this.)

As she was designed to simulate a human female perfectly, her skin is soft
and can be cut, bruised, etc - to a modest depth if she so wishes to fully simulate a human. But she would make a decent shield - and wouldn't fight being used as one. In fact, she would probably insist for her companion.

Favourite Sayings

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Image of Candice Kane
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