Much To Do About Everything

"Well if this book is correct, then those lights signal that holograms are about to appear."

"But then they should have appeared already," Artemis responded "why are they just hanging there?"

Superior reached over and *Casually* turned the page.

"It says here that if too many holograms are deployed at once it will cause a massive lag only solvable by a hard reboot," Gavin read "This ship is about to be filled with more slow moving holograms than we can shake a stick at."

Evelina sipped her tea as she listened to the eggheads ramble on about the mission and the strange lights in the ship.

She looked at Jamie and said, "This has the makings for a cheap B-Movie script. As I recall the last two holograms we had were both terminated."

Cass crossed her arms and replied, "They were and I don't remember ordering Holly to release any more either."

Jamie asked, "Perhaps Holly has developed a glitch in his system?"

Cass scrunched her nose as she said, "Its possible. I'll have to look into to it."

Jay chimed in as he said, "Well we still have the matter of the Vermin and the Huzzards to deal with."

Evelina looked at Jay as she as she sarcastically said, "Oh yeah we are suppose to drug up the Huzzards. While we are at it why not have Goggles share his stash with them?"

Gavin asked, "Who is goggles?"

Evelina answered, "Sorry that's what Jaxx called him. I meant crewman Jacky. He is a nerdy kid from the science department who always wears goggles. Come to think of it has anyone seen him or Molly?"

Ranson asked, "What's a Molly?"

Artemis replied, "Its the drug I made to put in the cake you ninny?"

Ransom looked at Artemis and was about to speak.

Jay interrupted, "She was referring to the redhead that we picked up on vacation who hung out with Jacky. Come to think of it I haven't heard from either one since we got back. Holly where is Jacky and Molly?"

Holly replied, "Not here.

Cass balled up her fists and said, "Obviously you nut job. Do you know what happen to them?"

Holly pondered for a bit before he replied, "Well this other fella who looked like Jacky took them away with some dimensional doorway I suppose."

Jay said, "You suppose?"

Holly replied, "Well either that or it was a smashing magic trick."

Jay asked, "Any idea where they are?"

Holly answered, "Nope. But Jacky did say "Good riddance you nutjobs." before he left."

Cass exhaled as she said, "Well he obviously wanted to leave, so smeg him for now.

Dr. South said, "I'm sorry but I think we are getting a bit off topic here."

Jay said, "Yeah your right."

Dr. South said, "Hmmmmmmm.......well Mrs. Stone does make a valid point."

Superior smiled as he said, "Yes she does and for a small fee I'll have her share it with you all."

Silence fills the room as everyone ignores Superior.

Dr, South then breaks the silence by saying, "Well if I am correct in that this Jacky character partakes in recreational smoking of the Cannabis plant, then it could be used for a ceremonial peace pipe ceremony with the lizard people."

Ransom snickered as he said, "You are quite the resourceful Botanist."

Dr. South scowled as he said, "Biologist! I'm a Biologist!"

Artemis said, "Yeah yeah tomato toe-mato, no one cares. However the addition of Jacky's pot stash it could be used in the venting system if need be once I lace it with a Molly."

Evelina nibbled on her cookie and sipped her tea as she looked at Jamie and said, "Dinner and a show."

Jamie shook his head as the crew rambled on.


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