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Image of H-343

Summary: The former officer.


Gender: Male

Age: 3,000,042

Group: Security Dept & Ship Defence




Security Analysis and Counter-Intelligence for Seracco Interstellar Inc.

Physical Appearance

Appears to be a pixel-structure of a humanoid being. When in holographic form, he is always 343 millimeters tall. Consisting of blue pixels as he is, his facial characteristics are bland, to say the least. A flat structure, it isn't moved often.

Glitches in his program are extremely visible, as when in-use, various pixels seem to randomly move-about, usually dis-connected from the main body. In addition, these may also seem to be dragged-about in some random direction, usually random pixels in a specific area, such as the leg or arm.

Personality and Interests


H-343 is extremely factual, as he draws knowledge from many informational sources. He is, as such, extremely logical and calculating, and as such, is very blunt. If there is a chance of a fellow dying, he will calculate that possiblity and state it.

However, this is not to say he is cold...far from it. He is narcissistic, believing himself to be far better at his job than his fellow AIs, due to him keeping his assigned squad alive for 0.152 nanoseconds than the others. He is, also, sarcastic, finding it odd others cannot believe what he is saying. However, he has no sense of humor, finding 'fun' a boring concept.


Currently, Gthiuo has few interests. He would like to put his skills to use, yet has no outlet for that need.


Constructed for Seracco Interstellar Inc. as a Security unit to categorize threat levels, H-343 had personality matrix glitches. In this manner, he developed sentience, and as such, was viewed by his 'colleagues' as unnatural, and unintended.

Security Threat designated to him as Possible Class IV.

Memory at this point was lost.

In all reality, he, along with his co-workers, attempted to stem the tide of enemies. However, the contamination was so great as to cause massive casualties, causing the A.I.s to initiate 'Protocol Ten', which was designed to cause a massive nuclear bomb underneath the compound to initiate. However, the detonation failed, causing the facility to be lost.

Favourite Sayings

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Image of H-343
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