Duty Calls

"Okay, I've managed to convince the Vermin that Gavin here, hasn't got a thing for young rats" Jay said, a half hour later, once everyone had reconvened on the Promenade "and I've promised them a fair share of all the food in exchange for his freedom and them calling off their mutiny..."

"But," Chutney wheezed, standing nearby, flanked on either side by a couple of menacing-looking ferrets "we demand a gesture of goodwill"

"What?" Cass grumbled under her breath "Something other than you being allowed to live?"

Jay silenced her with a look "Not particularly helpful" he said levelly, before turning to address Chutney and his cohorts "So, what do we need to do, to prove our goodwill?"

Just as Chutney was making demands A very feminine Jaxx-like MACO clone waving at them. The MACO clone was wearing a tan straw sun hat over his pink dyed hair, a tight pink half shirt with gold glittery words spelling “Naughty” on the chest, a pair of tight pink hot shorts with the words "Sexy" on his bum, pair of holo whips dangled from his hips and he wore a pair of glittery rhinestone pink sandals on his feet.

The clone revealed his identity as he said, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, you kids look like something the cat dragged in. I take it your little vacation took a wrong turn even.”

Jay replied, “You have no idea.”

Cass raised an eyebrow and asked, "New look?"

Franky smiled and did a fancy turn as he said, "I thought I'd spruce things up even."

Some of the new crew members were about to talk when Jamie raised his hand in front of them and shook his head now as he muttered, "Might want to be polite to this one. Franky is Jaxx's mentor and not someone you want to upset. Oh and he is telepathic."

The new crew members were not sure what to make of Franky and Jamie's warning.

Jaxx replied, “Ummm? Like Master wut are you doing?”

Franky did a feminine pose as he replied, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, I ran into an issue with stabilizing the DNA ageing process even. I say even,cloning is rather delicate to do. So I am using a MACO clone till I fix the issue even.”

Franky then looked at Jaxx and Evelina who looked a bit worse for wear as he said, “I hope you both enjoyed your time together even.”

Jaxx nervously smiled as he replied, “Umm yeah sort of.”

Evelina was still a little upset as she replied, “I think we had enough fun time to last us for a lifetime.”

Franky grinned as he replied, “Oh my even, I’m glad you said that my dear, for its time to depart from this enormous phallic sized ship even.”

Jaxx replied, “Huh? You’re leaving Master? So like I am done training?”

Franky did a feminine pose as he said, “Oh my even, I think you misunderstand dear boy, I am taking you with me to the Calamar homeland dear boy.”

Evelina dropped her jaw in shock. Many of the crew-mates are shocked by this news. Chutney tried to speak but everyone shushed him quickly. Chutney of course was not happy about this and tried to speak up only to see Franky's eyes for a brief second before he was in awe. Just by looking at Franky Chutney dropped his jaw and stared at him drooling like an idiot as if he was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Some of the others picked up on Franky messing with the weasel's mind.

Jaxx muttered, “Wha? Like wait Master, what about Evebabe?”

Franky giggled as he replied, “Oh you’re so cute when you make that face even, but fear not my dear sweet love birds for I am merely borrowing him till he finishes his training and helps me rebuild my race even.”

Jaxx was sad as he asked, “So like Eve babe can’t come wit us?”

Franky replied, “Oh silly boy she can’t breathe underwater. She wouldn't last long there alone even.”

Jaxx was sad as he looked at Evelina and said, “Evebabe…..I..”

Evelina put on a brave face as she replied, “How long will you both be gone?”

Franky smiled and replied, “It will be a while dear Eve considering we have to continue his training as well as rebuild my race even.”

Evelina was hurt and torn at the same time as she replied, “Fine take him then.” Evelina walked off in a huff as she headed to her room.

Jaxx looked confused as he looked at Franky and asked, “So like to I hafta go Master?”

Franky smiled as he replied, “If you don’t my dear boy you will forfeit your life even. That was part of the deal when you accepted this life choice even.”

Jaxx was sad as he replied, “So I like really have to leave Evebabe huh?”

Franky replied, “Relax dear boy the sooner you finish your training the sooner you can come back even.”

Jaxx was sad as he replied, “I understand Master. Like when do we depart on this most excellent adventure?”

Franky replied, “Soon even, so go pack your stuff and kiss your wife goodbye even.”

Jaxx lowered his head in shame as he walked to his room with Evelina.


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