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Summary: The children of the great Dr. Pritchard, and his dutiful wife, The Missus

The Pritchard Skuttlings

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Gender: 4 Male, 4 Female

Age: Less than a year old

Group: Civillians & Other


Half Skutter, Half ILIAD Cyborg (basically, 3/4 robot, 1/4 human)


None, Enrolled in school

Physical Appearance

Artemis Jr: Jet black with candy-apple red trim. Discolored eyes (runs in the Pritchard family), one red and one purple. Minor scratches and dents from failures in his experiments.

Plato: Over-sized, neon orange with white trim (think "Creamsicle"). White eyes.

Nikola: Lime Green with black trim. Neon-yellow eyes and a black racing stripe down the middle of his chassis.

Archimedes: Deep crimson, lacking a trim. Small in stature, usually hiding behind something. Dark blue eyes.

Marie: Hot pink with purple trim. Flower stickers abound, with neon pink eyes (an aftertouch, she REALLY likes pink).

Rosalind: Drab grey, black trim. Usually wearing a black cloak of some sort, with white eyes.

Helena: Purple with no trim. Purple eyes and a sunny disposition.

Athena: Bright Cyan with an odd dark blue "flame" trim. Dark blue eyes, and some wear from her constant "conquests"

Personality and Interests

Artemis Jr: Artie Jr. is his father's child. Neurotic, hyper-intelligent, easily angered, and constantly experimenting on things. Since he's only a few months old he's not as versed as his father and ends up failing more often than succeeding, resulting in a bit of an inferiority complex.

Plato: An awkward giant of a child. Plato usually ends up unintentionally breaking things, getting in the way, and embarrassing himself on a daily basis. He busies himself with his school work, and has a bit of a penchant towards music.

Nikola: Nikola is a peppy, energetic fella. He usually spends his days (outside of school) racing up and down the halls of the ship, beating the Promenade rodents at sports, or annoying his siblings and parents. He has a strong liking to anything involving physical activity.

Archimedes: Archimedes is a fearful child. He spends his days hiding, avoiding anything that might remotely hurt him, and hovering around his parents and teachers. He rarely talks, but is believed to be a gifted artist (based on what little art his parents have found when he is otherwise occupied)

Marie: Marie is a girly-girl, in the most extreme sense (referred to by her father as an "unnatural" obsession). She LOVES the color pink, sparkles, and constantly tries to up her vanity. She is, however, very friendly and will always go out of her way to be nice.

Rosalind: Rosalind is a gothic loner. She prefers to be by herself, often staying in the darker, more abandoned areas of the ship. She covers herself with a cloak to help blend into the background. She is, however, a prolific writer, and in contrast with her personality, writes a lot of upbeat stories.

Helena: Helena is her mother's child. She is strong-willed, caring to her friends and family, and has a sense of duty that drives her to help take care of her siblings. She has high intelligence, and can be very wise. She does, however, get angry very easily, having inherited her father's rage and mother's short temper.

Athena: Athena is a violent, destructive child. She is drawn to video games, almost exclusively strategy and war games. Outside of the virtual world, she stages 'conquests' with her posse of rodents, usually against other cliques of children.


The Skuttlings were the result of Artemis' metamorphosis into an ILIAD brain-robot, and his and The Mrs' desire to start a family.

While they have not been around long, they have started school, attending classes with the Rodents on the promenade, and have already made friends with their classmates. They are prohibited from leaving Blue Dwarf by their parents, and are constantly watched by Artemis, The Mrs, as well as Holly, who monitors them when their parents cannot.

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