Annoying interuptions!

"You don't like robots?"

"Not particularly, the creep me out, and I can't stand holograms, they're worse."

South looked up in awkward embarrassment when he realized that half the crew around him were either holographic, like H-343, or robotic, like Artemis. "Oh..." he said weakly, stumbling with his words, " offense. You guys are cool, I like you fellas."

"Right, here's the plan:" piped up Jay Chrysler from the cargo ramp of the Phoenix , "...this bird won't fit us all in for the ride back to the Dwarf, so anyone not coming with us and the cargo needs to head to the landing bay and get on board the white-midget shuttle docked there. Any questions?"
<<end snippetty>>

The immense hamster was listening distractedly to Jay & the others discuss evacuation plans from a good distance away, as he was watching Phil nearby him, hurriedly loading up one of the stasis cubes with kebabs, curry meal items and various bottles of the premium alcohol from the bars locked specialty storage area, which Phil was sampling a little bit of each as he was packing. Mini Phil suddenly approached White Wolf waving some kind of station deck plans with notes and highlighting and through some various pantomiming hand motions, indicated that he wanted White Wolfs help with raiding the duty free sex toy shop in exchange for some premium gourmet hamster kibble which he'd recently found and was offering a sample of.

The leviathan hamster took some of the kibble and started to munch on it at Mini Phil's insistence. While White Wolf was munching on some of the choice tasting kibble, he was considering MP's 'bribe' & proposal, and whether he could successfully explain to MP that he didn't need to steal from the shop because he could in all probability make nearly every one of the sex toys using the 3D printer in Phil's old lab. That's when Phil paused for a moment between the two of them next to the open door of his stasis cube that he was loading up and glanced at MP's floor plans, then proceeded to give MP a 'what for' for not helping him load up his stasis cube with his kebabs & stuff. Mini Phil vehemently went "Eeee Ee EEEE Eee" along with much hand gesturing towards both the plans & the oversized hamster in quick disagreement. "Well, I think..." began Phil angrily in response, when a grenade suddenly bounced to a landing at their feet rudely interrupting their argument.

Without thinking the towering hamster reacted with inhuman speed - He shoved Phil into the stasis cube slamming the door closed behind Phil, half spun around, pushing Mini Phil away out of the way hard, then jumped upon the grenade. The grenade went off with a huge ear splitting >ker-thud< producing a prodigious and blinding gout of flame, as the explosion threw debris & shrapnel in every conceivable (and a few inconceivable) directions.

As the smoke cleared, Phil drunkenly sat up through the shattered door of his stasis cube and gave the bottle of green alcohol in his right hand a critical stare and remarked blearly "Smeg - does this have a bit of kick. Hey - You know what? I just thought of another solution!" as he pulled out one of his archiver weapon cylinders and said outloud, "3,048 meter by 3,048 meter cargo net with towing cable" >Snickt< went the device as it slowly started expanding into the cargo net. "Just stick everything in the net, then tow it all behind the Phoenix to the BD - the stasis cubes don't need air...". Then Phil blinked for a moment in confusion, looking as if he was trying to recall something else important he that was trying to say, then promptly fell on his face unconscious from the shock of the explosion.

Meanwhile directly on the far, opposite side of the loading area, an extremely burnt & battered looking huge hamster stirred painfully as a little boot buffing robot intensely buzzed it's buffing brushes over White Wolfs lower left hind claws as it loudly intoned "Disinfect, Decontaminate, Sanitize, Sterilize, Antisepticize, Pasteurize, Volatilize, Neuter!"

"Neuter?!?" exclaimed White Wolf as he suddenly jumped up in startlement, then rapidly picking up, grabbing his lower left hind foot in his front paws while hopping away, "Hey, that burns!"

He shoo'd away the little smegging boot buffing robot away from him and glancing around to see how MP & Phil faired - he quickly noted Phil seemed to be alive across the way, but he didn't see Mini Phil anywhere about. He muttered mostly to himself, "Where's MP?" when he heard a rather oddly muffled 'EeeeeEeeeeEeeeeEeeee'.

Then he noticed he was experiencing some very unusual uncomfortableness in his lower regions. A horrible thought occurred to him and he glanced down. Yes, he momentarily had a huge gaping hole in his chest and his heart was bizarrely beating away where the grenade had blown up and was slowly & painfully regenerating, but that was not the disturbing part.

Down further was Mini Phil. Who seemed like he was wearing the overgrown hamster as some very... problematical... head gear at the moment. White Wolf embarrassedly reached down, grabbing Mini Phil's legs and gave him very hard yank. >Sploit< went Mini Phil from his bum. MP was smiling, EEE'd and clapped excitedly for a moment. White Wolf bent over and whispered into his ear, "You tell anyone about this, I'll permanently delete your entire porn collection. Got that?"

That little bit of business concluded, the corpulent hamster started walking away while attempting to nonchalantly brush himself off, pausing to angrily kick away the boot buffing robot as it tried to come over a buff at his lower right hind leg once again.

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