Where did everybody go?

Gavin, heard the familiar clunk of the stasis booth opening and saw the flashing neon lights declaring it was time to exit. He hated travelling in stasis he always needed a drink to take away the aftertaste whenever he stepped out, first thing he was going to do was find a vending machine or something.

As he walked along the corridor, he had a strange sensation, as though something was missing and he couldn't quite place his finger on what it was, he was there, the ship was there, a weird rodent was scuttling along the floor momentarily stopping to look at him with a murderous look and then carried on going where it was heading of to was here. What could he possibly missing? then it hit him it wasn't what was missing but what he could hear. He could hear the A/C, where was everybody?.

Rounding a corner, he spotted a vending machine that dispensed drinks, "Morning Vending machine, I'd like a bottle of water and a snickers" he asked to which the machine duly delivered. a though struck him, perhaps the machine might know where everybody is.

"Vending machine where did everybody go?" Gavin asked making a mental note to learn the names of every vending machine.

"Stop calling me Vending machine" The vending machine replied
"I have a name you know it's 2849, as for everybody else, they are all dead, eaten by a rampaging anaconda about 200 years ago, the computer has kept you in stasis for longer until the Queen of the Snakes as it called itself was in a safe enough distance to let you out, I was nearly eaten myself" The vending machine lied.

Not knowing any better Gavin took his bottle of water and snack, thanked the vending machine and walked up the steps leading out of the stasis bay corridor, he could have sworn he heard somebody laughing behind him but he was in a daze after the vending machine had just told him the news.

As he was mulling it over he didn't see the strange rodent thing with the murderous look in his eye at the top of the steps with a knife in it's claw, or was it a hand?
"Hey Pretty boy hand over the food" The rodent demanded with a voice that sounded like a cross between Al Pacino and Mickey Mouse as he started jabbing the knife at Gavin
Bewildered by the bizarre situation and struggling to contain his laughter he bent down and gave him a bit of chocolate "There you are little fellow, though this stuff is bad for you guys" he replied as though he was talking to a little baby.
The Rat slashed his palm with the knife "The whole thing, Smeg-head" the Rat exclaimed, to which coupled with his groggy state, the news of the death of the whole crew and now a slashed palm, Gavin booted him clean down the corridor.

Exiting the corridor with one hand trying to stem the flow of blood from the other, he made a quick mental note to head off to sickbay, get something for the cut then work out what the hell he was going to do next.

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