Another stasis Exit.

Meanwhile in the *Other* stasis area a loud hiss emerged from one of the booths as it opened. A weasel poked it's nose out sniffed a few times and then ran off into a nearby air duct. The booth's other inhabitant opened his eyes slowly and looked down at his hands.
"Well..." He said "that didn't work."
He walked over to a nearby tube to look at his reflection in the glass and nearly fell over in surprise.
"I'm Keeper."
He looked again not entirely convinced.
No, he was definitely Sam.
"Keeper! But if I'm keeper then keeper must be..." His voice trailed off as he looked towards the air duct the weasel had disappeared into. He knew what he had to do.

Crawling through the vents of the ship was not nearly as fun as it used to be, particularly because Superior was now the size of a full grown man. As he inched his way along the tunnels he tried to conceive how he got into this situation.
"Keeper tried to take me into that tube, but I needed my Irreplaceable. I went to get it but he caught before I could and dragged me into that cold thing. Then a second later the door opened again and now I'm keeper... That doesn't make sense." He paused to consider this "Does it make sense?" It didn't "I doesn't!"

He soon reached a vent looking down on several people, they were rather noisy but he couldn't make out exactly what they were doing. As he leaned in to get a better look the vent gave way and he fell down right on top of, what appeared to him to be, a giant hamster.

Not entirely sure what the tag thing is but it seems like a place for notes.
To whoever writes Superiors lines: He does a lot of double talk and is very showy around people he doesn't know very well. He's desperate to impress because good first impressions mean good business, and he want's to keep Sam's business alive until they can switch back.

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