Home - Part Two

Cass and Jamie screamed in pain at the same time. Jamie reaching up and clutching at his chest and Cass pinned beneath Tara could do nothing but howl. Jay raged, hauling Tara backwards, this was a mistake though, as she was still clutching the knife it twisted as she was pulled back and came out with a sickening squish. Jade fell to her knees, a look of concern on her face and began to apply pressure to the wound, Cass yelped, unable to verbalise her pain and reduced to animalistic noises. Jamie was turning pale and collapsed to his knees, feeling what it was like to try and breathe through a collapsing lung.

Tara twisted in Jay’s grip and pulled herself free.

“Enough of that fly-boy.” She spat, hauling him off the ground with ease “You remember I took out a planetary defence mech by myself? I wonder what kind of mess that would make of your pretty little face?” She caressed his face and he flinched away. She smirked in disgust and tossed him onto the bar of the casino where he skidded along the ice trench and bumped off the end. She leapt over the bar in one leap and grabbed a bottle of strong vodka. Tara pulled out a small vile of ointment. “I was saving this. I was going to curse you with it, but since my dear husband has graced us with his presence, I no longer need to.” She stuffed the glass vile in Jay’s mouth like a vase and stalked towards Phil. “Drink up husband.” She growled, Phil shrugged and did as he was told. He knew not to mess with his wife when she was in a mood, and this was something else. Jay groaned as he extracted the vile and looked at the number. Ointment number 6.6.6.

“Smeg.” He checked the day. Thursday. “Smeg!” He said and scrabbled to his feet.

Tara had made it back to the rest of the group now, who had rallied behind a few brave individuals.

“Well isn’t this cute.” She said, hand on hip waving the knife at the line of defenders.

“Actually, we, are the diversion” White Wolf said, as she was lashed from behind by Jaxx and his holowhips. He danced, and flailed the whips in his elegant flowing Calamar style, landing strike after strike on Tara. She howled and dropped to her knees, eventually, Jaxx tired and all was still. Tara stood up as if nothing had happened, moving over to Jaxx and tipping him over onto his back with ease getting up close and personal with him.

“Planetary defence mech.” She screamed into his face. “Stupid morons, you think these are going to stop me? Or that pathetic gun?” She scoffed and snatched the whips out of Jaxx’s stunned hands and scooped up Plisken’s forgotten pistol.

“Why are you doing this?” Jade asked, stemming the blood flow from Cass’s wound.

“Why? Because you brought me back, broken and uncared for. Each one of you hasn’t given a second thought to me. Most of you I’ve never met! Most of you are so wrapped up in your own worlds that you didn’t even bother to ask if I was alright. So screw you all. I’m done.” They all looked at each other, it was true, and none of them had bothered to talk to her, bothered to get to know her, to invite her to their parties or ask her for help. Each one of them was a guilty as the rest. In the quiet, it was little Artie Jr that she saw out of the corner of her eye. She flashed her legs into softlight as the scutlings tightened the ropes around her. “Nice try scut-boy.” She said, aiming the pistol at Artie. “But try that again and I split open what’s left of Daddies brain.” The scuttling waved his tiny claw at her and remained motionless. Everyone was now realising that she wasn’t joking, she really did intend to kill them all.

“Answer me this Cass. As a whore, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be kicked in the balls?” Tara grinned as she levelled her right foot squarely into Jamie’s abdomen. He doubled over and she proceeded to finish him off with a nasty knee to the sensitives. Cass howled, Jamie went pale and dropped to the floor. Tara laughed. Then the glass bottle smashed to the ground, Phil had finished the bottle and had doubled over. “Ooooh. Here He comes…. One more thing,” She sidled over to Cass, dipping her fingers into the wound and coming out with her hand dripping in blood. She then went back to Jaxx, kicking him in the jaw and forcing his mouth open. She smeared the blood over his tongue. “Now if Hell-boy doesn’t kill you all, shark-boy should.” She said, looking deep into the predator inside Jaxx. Before her hologramatic visage shimmered out and she vanished into the air vents.

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