"What? No WAY that's gonna happen!"

H-343 replied, "I can simply fit since my system drive has been made compact. However you others will have to convert to holograms."

Cass responded, "Can it smeg head! That's not happening."

Ransom and South spoke up at the same time, "Perhaps if we", however they ended up arguing with each other again.
<<End Snip>>

"Perhaps if we use the shrink way on ourselves, we could fit." Ransom said at same time as South who was saying, in a very loud voice "What? There is NO smegging way that's gonna happen!"


"That! The Hologram thing. No way is anyone turning me into a hologram. Seriously not a chance in hell am I ever going to do that."

"What wrong with holograms?" inquired Ransom. "Nothing," replied South, "so long as I'm not one of them."

"Hmph. I figured being a biologist you'd like the idea of the continuation of life."

"Oh I do, but I also have a respect for it. Biological nature gives everything an expiration date, and a hologram is just a shell of the real thing. It lacks the substance of life, just like robots."

"You don't like robots?"

"Not particularly, the creep me out, and I can't stand holograms, they're worse."

South looked up in awkward embarrassment when he realized that half the crew around him were either holographic, like H-343, or robotic, like Artemis. "Oh..." he said weakly, stumbling with his words, "...no offense. You guys are cool, I like you fellas."

"Right, here's the plan:" piped up Jay Chrysler from the cargo ramp of the Phoenix , "...this bird won't fit us all in for the ride back to the Dwarf, so anyone not coming with us and the cargo needs to head to the landing bay and get on board the white-midget shuttle docked there. Any questions?"


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