Kill Phil

The grin on Phil/Satan's face was, well demonic. He could hear the commotion going on around him, could smell the blood of Jaxx lingering in the air, could almost taste the fear from the rest of crew. He was loving it, although something was niggling at his mind. Pushing the thought down he took the electric shavers from M-L and started to shave White Wolf, starting at his head, as he flapped his wings, holding WW in one hand shaving him in the other he took off and started flying down the corridor, but forgot that the giant hamster was much heavier than he looked so he moved marginally slower than walking.

As White Wolf's bath towel & shower cap fell to the floor, for a moment, he instinctively made a grab & caught the bath towel in order to cover himself up again with it, but then he remembered that he was only wearing it due to the resorts 'no shirt, no service' policy. Which he realized was incredibly discriminatory towards hamsters, and he'd have to remember to complaint about it later, but at the moment, he decided to let the towel drop to the floor. And for another brief moment as Phil/Satan gave him a reverse Mohawk, he wondered if Phil/Satan would refuse him barber services now that he was violation of that resort policy, but then he quickly recalled that Phil probably would've preferred the violation anyhow, especially Mini Satan - leave alone Phil/Satan.

The six foot, one inch space hamster then calmly considered his options as Phil/Satan dragged him along at slightly slowly than walking pace. He'd been in this kind of situations before of course, What - a few billion times or more? So this kind of thing wasn't anything new to him. Considering he'd been killed by Phil/Satan many times before, he was momentarily surprised as he realized that he'd lost count. He mentally chastised himself for that as he dug through one of his cheek pouches for his emergency 'Kill Phil' kit.

"Aha!" Yelled huge hamster as he withdrew out of his left cheek pouch a foam sword and quickly smote Phil/Satan in the face with it. Phil/Satan merely glared at him angrily as the foam sword obviously did no damage.

"Smeg - wrong cheek pouch!" Muttered the Rotund Hamster as he let the foam sword drop to the floor and dug in his other cheek pouch to quickly withdraw another couple more items.

Phil/Satan sneered, "What could you possibly have to stop me?", to which the fantastically large hamster responded by reaching up and sticking a large red, squeaky clown nose (with a bit of strong adhesive) onto Phil/Satan's nose.

Phil/Satan's eyes grew to almost saucer size in terror as he suddenly let go of the jumbo hamster in shock in order to desperately dislodge it (while simultaneously trying not to touch it too much...).

The expansive hamster went crashing to the floor and the other item that he held, a metal box clearly marked "Kill Phil Kit" popped out free from his claws, bounced & skidded across the floor and slowly came to a stop near the feet of Jay, Jade, Artermis and the others in the room.

"Quick, somebody use the kit - That adhesive on the clown nose won't last long!" Hollered the outsized hamster scrambling to stand back up as Phil/Satan finally got the clown nose free then grabbed him by the throat, lifting him off the ground once again.

"I'm gonna make hamster burgers outta you!" growled Phil/Satan while throttling the space hamster with one hand and draw back the other for a round house punch.

OOC - Alright, so what's in the "Kill Phil Kit"? And who is going to use it while Phil/Satan pummels the hamster like a furry punching bag for using his phobia against him?

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