This is not the greatest post in the world, this is a tribute

“Now if Hell-boy doesn’t kill you all, shark-boy should.” She said, looking deep into the predator inside Jaxx. Before her hologramatic visage shimmered out and she vanished into the air vents.

<end snip>

The drink that Phil had consumed took full effect. And then some. He could almsot feel his messed up DNA altering his body. He was pretty sure that he could feel wings growing out his back as his muscles seemed to get larger and was pretty sure that the migraine that had started was caused by the rather large horns growing out his head. Either that or this drink he had was more potent then normal and he was tribbing major balls. Didnt matter because he was having a fun wild time and wanted for some reason to make the crazy hologram woman happy.

I AM COMPLETE!!!!!!!! he yelled, feeling the fury of all the hells and lower dimesnions flow through him. Either that or it was trapped gas. Yup it was gas.

{It should be noted at this point that Phil's perceptions of those around him were also rather...twisted...}

EEEEEEEE!! came a smaller , yet oddly deeper version of the same yell , who had grabbed the nearest leg and was trying to bite an ankle. Sadly this happened to be from a nearby table.

"Smegggggg!" cried Jay, Jaxx, Jamie and all the others at the same time, producing a rather nice harmonic.

"Yes you are smegged, shit out of luck now I'm complete and my c...what is that midget version of me doing to that table? Anyway as I was saying , you brought me here and now YOU SHALL ALL DIE"

White Wolf stepped in front of Phil, one of the few who could survive a punch up with a drugged up and off his gourd Phil.

"Wait..wait.I Challenge you to a r*glurgh"

WW never got to finish that sentance as Phil had a rather strong hand around his throat.

"Hmm think I'l start with you, although i never like my meat with hair on it, time for a shave fuzzball - Mini Lucifer...go forth and get the sha..oh you allready got it..."

The grin on Phil/Satan's face was, well demonic. He could hear the commotion going on around him, could smell the blood of Jaxx lingering in the air, could almost taste the fear from the rest of crew. He was loving it, although something was niggling at his mind. Pushing the thought down he took the electric shavers from M-L and started to shave White Wolf, starting at his head, as he flapped his wings, holding WW in one hand shaving him in the other he took off and started flying down the corridor, but forgot that the giant hamster was much heavier than he looked so he moved marginly slower than walking.


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