Lightz II men

<snip> “Could be” she pulled the file schematics up and narrowed her eyes as she absorbed the information “Memory patch from two weeks before the disaster? – Linked in with another half dozen previous backups. Nice and easy – That do you?”

“Yeah, I... I guess”

“It’ll have to” Cass rattled her fingers across the terminals screen, initialising the personality integration process “One sec”

Pulling a light bee out of her coat pocket, she casually tossed it up, into the air, where it hung for a second before a holographic version of Penny Purdi juddered into existence. </snip>

Gavin was the first to realize. "Did anyone else just see that?" He stammered astonished "The light that that thing released before the Hologram appeared. Doesn't it look... Familiar?"

"Well," Superior chimed in "There's only one way to know for sure!" Swiftly pulling off a panel on a nearby wall, Superior revealed a stash of books. He deftly grabbed one out and replaced the panel, good as new. "Floating lights in space and you, the perfect book for all your floating space light identification needs. I'd be happy to let you have a look for a thousand dollar pounds or so."


"No?" He leaned over to Gavin and whispered "no worries, I'll put it on your tab." He then opened the book to a page entitled "How to Identify Hologram induced lighting" and handed the book to Gavin.

After scanning over the page Gavin spoke. "That was definitely the same light that we saw earlier. But that means..." he stopped mid sentence, eyes wide realizing what was going on.

"What is it?" Jay inquired.

"These lights have been sighted all over the ship right?" Gavin asked.

"Yes, why?"

"Well if this book is correct, then those lights signal that holograms are about to appear."

"But then they should have appeared already," Artemis responded "why are they just hanging there?"

Superior reached over and *Casually* turned the page.

"It says here that if too many holograms are deployed at once it will cause a massive lag only solvable by a hard reboot," Gavin read "This ship is about to be filled with more slow moving holograms than we can shake a stick at."

I tagged everyone who was in the last one. Still getting used to the format, is this plot twist OK with everyone? Also I used Gavin as much as I did because Superior is not really one to deliver exposition as of now, hope that's ok.

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