Who: Everyone
Where: Refectory
When: Next morning

Artemis bobbed, irritably, in the middle of the refectory “I still say we should dump the stuff in the ventilation system”

“We went over this last night” Jay said, patiently “There’s no way we can guarantee the Huzards all getting the same dose, or that the particles won’t get back into the main life support system”

“Much less what the effects will be” Jade grumbled “I still say this is unfair – The Huzards have never been exposed to recreational pharmaceuticals”

“It’s MDMA” Artemis retorted “What could possibly go wrong?
“Back in the day, millions of people took the stuff each and every single weekend – it’s perfectly safe. They’ll love it”

Jamie grimaced at this, but remained silent. Neither he nor Cass had exactly enjoyed the experience when they had been spiked with a similar drug, back on the Reality Resort... Well, alright, they had enjoyed it, but that wasn’t the point.

Settling back in his chair, opposite Gavin and Eve, he took a long swig of his coffee, feeling every bit as tired as they looked – While Artemis and Boyd had been busy brewing their drugs, the three of them had been up late last night, fixing the Holosuite, in preparation for the resurrection of Brett’s assistant.

Cass and Jade had initially been against the idea, but Brett been strident in his insistence; and so, faced with the prospect of needlessly alienating the guy, Jay had talked them around to compromising on bringing Penny back as a standard hologram, instead of one of the more dangerous hard light alternatives.

If he was honest, Jamie didn’t really blame Brett for wanting a bit of his old life back, but he wasn’t entirely certain if the addition of another shocked and, no doubt, distressed member of the crew would help matters.

Glancing across the room, he eyed Brett, sat with Cass, working on her terminal.

True to his word, once everyone had begun their preparations for Penny’s resurrection, Brett had kept his end of the bargain and had prepared a sumptuous array of brownies, which were cooling on wire racks in the kitchen before they were to receive their final dusting of MDMA. They smelled great.

“Is it that one?” Brett poked his finger into the holographic display, highlighting one of the files, floating amid Penny’s infospace that Cass had dredged up from the archives.

“Could be” she pulled the file schematics up and narrowed her eyes as she absorbed the information “Memory patch from two weeks before the disaster? – Linked in with another half dozen previous backups. Nice and easy – That do you?”

“Yeah, I... I guess”

“It’ll have to” Cass rattled her fingers across the terminals screen, initialising the personality integration process “One sec”

Pulling a light bee out of her coat pocket, she casually tossed it up, into the air, where it hung for a second before a holographic version of Penny Purdi juddered into existence.


First up, apologies for being quiet – I had the week from hell, with work, last week.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get the show back on the road.

We seemed to go all over the place with who was doing what, where and when for a bit back there; so, since it takes a while to cook drugs up, we'll say that by common consent, everyone's together in the refectory, the next morning – That way we can fit all the posts in and keep things in a roughly chronological order.

Brett: Let's see you try to explain things to the newly resurrected Penny – There’ll be gaps in her memory, so do you confess all, or are you going to be a little more economical with the truth about how she died?

Everyone else, let's get down to see those Huzards (we’ll count Brett’s confession as a back post if you want him to accompany everyone else David).

It’s a long enough trip, down to the arboretum, and there is any number of things that could happen on our way; so does anything occur during our trip?
First person to post gets to decide, but one way or another, give us something to do!


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