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"I'll try to raise Bruno" Artemis said. "But I recommend we get a backup plan going just in case he's too insane to assist"

Artemis dialed Bruno's frequency.

"Hello? Mr. Downing? This is Dr. Pritchard again, could I trouble you for a lift?"

Jaxx looked at a very concerned Evelina who asked, "Can your friend Franky help us?" Jaxx thought for a second as he asked Franky via telepathy, "Yo Master, like any ideas on saving us and stuff?" Franky thought, "Oceans to Murgatroyed even, I leave you all alone and you end up trapped in space with a few ounces of air even. Were you assuming since I am old and wise that I would know what to do even?" Jaxx nervously thought, "Well like I dunno. Usually like the egg heads have all the ideas and stuff." Franky sighed as he thought, "My dear sweet apprentice, you depend on the others far to much for ideas even. You really should think about expanding your horizons even or perchance you may find your self in quite the pinch." Jaxx pondered for a moment before he thought, "So like you don't know then?" Franky thought, "Oh my, you have wounded my pride even." Jaxx thought, "Sorry Franky dude, but like you used to many fancy words and totally confused me." Franky giggled as he thought, "Its ok my boy I was just teasing you. However I know a simple way to resolve our situation even, but I will need your body for a moment even."

Jaxx agreed as Franky took over his body. Frank/Jaxx stood up and winked at Evelina as he said, "Ello sweety, just borrowing your cute hubby for a spell. Evelina winced as she smiled at Franky. Though she would not admit it to Franky, she felt uncomfortable having to share her Jaxx with him and even more so that Franky was telepathic. However since Franky was being polite she kept her thoughts to herself. Frank/Jaxx then stood in the middle of the Star bug as he closed his eyes to concentrate. The magna-boots kept him in place as he was concerned about the lack of gravity and motion of the others. As Frank/Jaxx concentrated he searched their minds for relevant information he could use. His plan was simple but still required up to date processes that the others possessed. After about thirty seconds Frank/Jaxx opened his eyes and smirked as he walked up to Evelina and gave a small curtsy to her as he said, "I do apologize but I need to place an order on your palm pilot and time is of the essence." Before Evelina could object Frank/Jaxx reached into her backpack and removed her palm pilot and began to type away like a professional secretary as he placed a RUSH order with the closest Seraco ship.

Frank/Jaxx examined the order to Seraco as it displayed the following:

FROM: Starbug A-OU812 (21 clicks from the Seraco ship Starboard)

TO: Blue Dwarf (Coordinates 236.456 x 963.532)

PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 crate pulse crew

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Crew is fragile and requires proper JMC VIP care and oxygen. Expedite shipment with RUSH charges

CUSTOMER: Master Chief Jaxx of the MACO Squadron


PAYMENT: Charge On Delivery

Frank/Jaxx smiled as he believed his plan would work, then he headed over to find Jamie, Artemis and H-343 who were in the back of the bug working on a signal boosting project. Frank/Jaxx sashayed over and put his hands on his hips in a feminine manner as he said, "Hello boys hows trix even." Frank/Jaxx got a weird look as he smiled them and winked. Artemis replied, "As you can see we are rather busy Jaxx so what do you need?" Frank/Jaxx looked at their progress and said, "Looks like you are making progress with the signal booster. However the trick is convincing the Seraco ship to become concerned about saving us and stop their normal routine even." H-343 looked at Frank/Jaxx and asked, "Is there a point to this?" Jamie continued to work as he patiently waited to see what Frank/Jaxx had come up with. Frank/Jaxx looked at Jamie and said, "You are the more rational one of the three so let me ask you something." Jamie nodded as he replied, "Shoot." Frank/Jaxx replied, "As an engineer you are not always blessed with the parts you need are you?" Jamie shook his head no as he replied, "No usually I have to make it work with less than desirable parts." Frank/Jaxx replied, "So how do you get the supplies you need then?" Jamie replied, "I just place an order or ask the CO to do it." Frank/Jaxx smiled as he handed Jamie Eve's palm pilot and said, "Here is an order I need you to place to Seraco when you get the chance even. Oh and please return the palm pilot to Evelina when your done." Jamie took the palm pilot and examined the order on it as Frank/Jaxx stood back up. Frank/Jaxx winked at Jamie as he replied, "Good luck boys, I am confident you will prevail even." Frank/Jaxx then sashayed back to Evelina leaving bewildered looks on the guys as he left. Then Frank/Jaxx sat next to Evelina and said, "Sorry luv but I use more brain oxygen than Jaxx so I'll be meditating now." Evelina just watched as Frank/Jaxx closed his eyes and Jaxx then woke up as he replied, "Whoa that was like totally trippy Eve babe. Franky dude just like flooded my melon with all sorts of stuff. I like almost blacked out from the data overload. it was totally non-heinous." Evelina smiled at Jaxx as she made the "Shhh" gesture with her finger on her lips and then leaned on his shoulder to rest and conserve oxygen. Jaxx caught onto what Evelina was doing and put his arm around her to chill while the others were working.

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