Down Spooky Lane

“We’ve got to go back for her”
Jay slowly shook his head as they entered the confines of the tunnel “There’s no way she could have survived that; she’s dead”
“Oh, shit” Cass sank weakly to her knees, the ground seemingly spinning upward to meet her “That could have been me... It - it could have been you”
“Hey, keep it together” he crouched down beside her, a hand on her shoulder as the conveyor wound and juddered its way ever upwards “Don’t freak out on me, okay?”

Jaxx and the others were well ahead of Jay, Cass and Arien who stayed back to cover for them. Evelina was next to Jaxx as she kept looking back to see if the others would soon return. Jade too was looking back along with Evelina as she said, “I’m sure they will be fine. Jay and Cass have been doing stuff like that for a long time.” Jaxx smiled while nervously scratching his head and replied, “Like chill out peeps, Jay dude and Ms. Jones are tougher than they look.” Jade replied, “You seem confident saying that.” Jaxx replied, “Yeah well, like it is wut it is Doc.” Evelina replied, “Yeah Jaxx how do you know?” Jaxx smiled as he said, “Well Jay dude is like those hero dudes in the movies you like to watch Eve babe.” Then Jaxx looked away in silence. Evelina then smiled as she was glad Jaxx enjoyed the movie time with her.” Jade asked, “And Cass?” Jaxx sighed as he replied with a grim face, “She will be fine as long as……….” Suddenly Franky interrupted Jaxx in mid thought as he talked to him telepathically. Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyed even, sorry to interrupt but we are not alone.” Jaxx thought, “Wuts up Master?” Franky thought, “No time sweet apprentice I’m taking over for now.” Jaxx thought, “But…..” Franky/Jaxx looked back at Evelina and Jade as he smiled femininely and said, “Sorry luv I need to borrow your hubby for a spell even.” Before Jade and Evelina could respond Jaxx/Franky reached into his back holster and whipped out his holo whips as he stood up with a calm but serious face. Franky/Jaxx said, “Arm yourselves we are not alone, even.”

Suddenly shadows began to fall from above rafters, large crates and other large structures onto the conveyor belt. Franky/Jaxx jumped on top of the drive crate and quickly ignited his whips as he began whipping and slashing at the mutants leaping at them. Growls and screams of wounded mutants filled the air at Franky/Jaxx as they fell from Franky/Jaxx’s onslaught. Evelina pulled out her rifle and quickly began shooting at the mutants that landed on the conveyor belt behind them. Jamie whipped out his bow, Plisken whipped out his pistol and Artemis whipped out his dart gun to cover against the mutants that landed on the conveyor belt in front of them. Tara took cover by WhiteWolf to avoid getting attacked. White Wolf reached into his pouches and pulled out Candice’s slimy head and began making some modifications to it as she berated him for her mistreatment. Mutant body parts and inner fluids were flying about and decorating the passage way in a most gruesome manner. To make things even more disturbing there seemed to be a gland in the mutants that contained a red glowing fluid and when it was damaged it splattered as it illuminated the area in a demonic manner. This experience was both scary and haunting for many and would most likely give the survivors nightmares for a good while. The dim lighting gave the passage way a very haunted look for Jay and Cass to see later on.

White Wolf finally made the modifications he wanted as Jamie and Artemis were starting to get over whelmed by the mutants. White Wolf held Candice’s head in front on a mechanical metal stick and said, “I’ll make it up to you later on the Dwarf, but we need to get out of here first.” Artemis replied, “Now is not the time for this!” Candice rolled her eyes up as she replied, “Fine, but I’ll hold you to it.” White Wolf nodded as Candice spun her head on the stick to see the mutants coming after them and her eyes began to glow pink as he took aim and fired pink lasers from her eyes. Jamie and Artemis were shocked by the pink lasers flying past them and burning up the mutants as they were blasted off the conveyor belt. Jade helped Evelina by changing her ammo while Evelina switched from rifle to pistol. Grenades were a bad idea since they could hurt the Dwarfers and damaged the drive and conveyor belt. Franky/Jaxx continued to move like a graceful squid as he lashed the attacking mutants from above and beside. He made it a point to minimize the mutant debris falling on his companions as he had an emotionless look on his face. Franky/Jaxx looked more like he was in a trance as he was gracefully fighting. Franky/Jaxx had no emotion in his combat. It was as if he was being controlled by an invisible spirit who could control his every movement. There was a clear difference in Franky’s skill compared to Jaxx’s. However their combat style was clearly similar and it would obvious to see Jaxx was an apprentice under Franky. Jade made it a point to look at the guys in the front now and then to see if they were doing alright as she helped Evelina change ammo.

The fighting continued as mutant debris spattered about the area and leaving the eerie red demonic glow along the walls and floor. The fighting was hard pressed and ammo was getting real low for the Dwarfers as they were getting concerned the ride would take too long. Just as things were getting grim Artemis and Candice spotted the exit to the hanger up ahead. In less than a minute they would be out of the dim passageway and at the hanger bay, so all they had to do was hanger in there a bit longer. Suddenly the mutants stopped attacking and ran off as two super huge mutants landed ahead to block the exit. Their nasty long drooling tongues tossed about as if the Dwarfers were their next meal. Franky/Jaxx yelled, “Cover me, even!” as he leaped off the crate and ran down the conveyor belt dragging his holo whips along the side. As Franky/Jaxx was confronting the super large mutants Candice analyzed the area and saw a chain pulley attached to the ceiling and curved to the other end which was attached to a large crate on top of a stack of crates.
Candice then said, “Hold me still dammit!”, as she swiveled her head to aim and shoot at the crates below the crate attached to the chains. As the crates crumbled and fell they released the chained crate to swing like a pendulum at Franky/Jaxx and the two super large mutants. Franky/Jaxx continued to pin the two super mutants down till the huge crate was at the point of no return then Franky/Jaxx lept off the conveyor belt as the crate plowed through the two super huge mutants and sent them flying off the conveyor to the deep floor below.

Evelina looked in horror as she saw Franky/Jaxx leep off the conveyor belt and screamed, “JAXX!” Franky/Jaxx quickly used his holo whip to grab the under railing of the conveyor belt as he looped under the conveyor and up to the other end in time to land on top of the crate of the drive core traveling by. Evelina’s heart was racing as she saw the amazing maneuver of Franky/Jaxx. She was speechless as she stared at Franky/Jaxx who looked like a movie hero. Franky then thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyed even, that was exciting. I’ll let you take it from here sweet cheeks.” Jaxx snapped out of it and went back to his big goofy grin as he looked at Evelina and said, “Yo Eve babe.” Evelina was relieved to see Jaxx was ok as she said, “Gonna have to file that thought for later, when we are alone.” Jade caught on quickly to Evelina’s remark and was not in the mood to hear anymore as she made a sour face. Jaxx of course looked at Evelina with confusion as he replied, “Huh?” Jade replied, “Now is not the time for that we still have to get out of here first.” The Dwarfers then watched the doors open as they entered the hanger bay and saw several ships in pretty bad condition. As they rode the conveyor belt to the stopping point they looked around and Jaxx asked, “Wut now smart dudes?”

TAG (Ammo is low, we made it to the hanger with the drive and Jay and Cass are not far behind. What’s next?)

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