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Summary: She is a serious (at times) reserved scientist with a depressing past she does well to forget.

Dr Arien J Velera

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Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Scientists


Human, Jovian. Also a cyborg


She is an astro-biologist assigned to the Blue Dwarf. She helps the crew with planets and any life on them. She is also familiar with the evolution of life.

Physical Appearance

She is very pale with fair black hair. 1.80 m (5' 11 ''). She usually wears a shirt and formal trousers under her lab coat when working. Her skin has been replaced with synthetic skin due to an accident when she was young, and only an expert with a keen eye can discern the difference.

She has two cybernetic legs and two cybernetic arms that are also covered by synthe-skin and two blue cybernetic eyes.

Personality and Interests

She is very invested in her work so usually doesn't have time for and hobbies or many other interests. But when she does have time she likes to do interesting chemical experiments with any spare chemicals available.

Around most people she tries to mask her emotions and can be hard to read. But when she is particularly exited, angry or happy she lets her emotions show.

She has a vast knowledge of life on different planets.

She is an avid reader and enjoys a whole range of genres.

She posses knowledge of astro-physics, biology and chemistry all part of her specific field.

She is a lesbian.


She grew up on a large space station orbiting Jupiter, it contained over 2000 people. The majority of the residence were serving people and their wealthy employers. She was tutored on the space station until the age of 16 where her parents (begrudgingly and unwilling to lose her) arranged for her to go the best College and University on Mars. Unfortunately on the day she was due to leave there was a massive system overload. The space station was destroyed in a fiery explosion. Arien (in an airlock at the time) was the only survivor. Most of her skin was burnt away and she lost all of her limbs an eyes. Her transport ship was nearby enough to rescue her and rush her to the Europa Expert Medical Center

After her recovery she decided to go on to Mars University working hard so as to put her past behind her. She completed her A-levels and went on to spend 8 years working towards her P.h.D in astro-biology.

After that she spent two years in a facility orbiting Saturn before gladly accepting a more adventurous job on the Blue Dwarf.

Favourite Sayings

"The burn of Science can scar the untrained."

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Image of Dr Arien J Velera
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