What Are The Odds?

“It is so good. To finally have someone who understands.” Jade smiled, placing an arm around the hologram. Cass bristled, not liking the insinuation that she hadn’t understood the terms.

“So they are like photo necro fish people?” Jaxx asked, thinking maybe they were MACO’s too. Eve laughed.

“No sweetie, they are mutants.”

“Oh! Right. If you say so babe.” He grinned a toothy grin. Cass sighed, ‘Like talking to a wall.’.

The group emerged out of the stairwell into the gloomy hallway. Omnious scratching and growling echoed about the hallway.

“This way team!” H-343 chirped brightly, pointing towards their destination.

Jaxx finally gave up on the who zombie argument since everyone was using big words that he clueless on. As they continued to follow the directions of the new and odd AI, H-343, Jaxx looked around and said to Evelina, "Yo Eve babe is it me or like are there some new faces with us?" Evelina raised and eyebrow as she replied, "It would seem Plisken made some new friends. I wonder if it's worth learning their names right away." Jaxx shrugged as he didn't know what to say about that. As Jaxx and Evelina followed the others they wondered what they would run into up ahead since the place was confusing and had a limited number of open doors.

As they walked down the halls they passed the remains of long deceased people and mutated creatures. It was anyone's guess how long this place was like this. Eventually they arrived at a large metal sealed metal sliding set of doors. Jay tried to open it and the AI on the door replied, "Please swipe access card and enter code." Jay sighed as he looked at Cass and said, "Cass can you do something to get us in?" Cass nodded as she whipped out her datapad and went to work on the door. Tara looked at Jay and Cass acting chummy as she mumbled something under her breath. H-343 said, "Its useless to try your all going to die anyway." Artemis replied, "Keep that stuff to yourself." Jamie looked at Jade and asked, "Those two have been like that since we found them." Jade replied, "Hopefully it won't interfere with us getting out of here." Cass was having a bit of trouble with the security since it was partially damaged. As she began cursing under her breath and tapping away on her D-Pad, Jamie stepped up to looked at the door to see if he could help.

Opening the door seemed to be more taxing than it should have as Artemis and H-343 began offering their opinions on how to by pass the security. To make things worse the Door AI kept telling Cass her access was denied. Cass of course was getting more frustrated by the unwelcome help and the lack of success. This continued till Cass raised her voice and said, "Back off! I got this!" Jaxx looked at the door and said, "Hey like Mr. Door could you like open up and totally let us in dude?" The Door AI replied, "I'm Sorry Dave I can't do that." Jaxx replied, "But like my name ain't Dave........Its Jaxx." The Door AI replied, "Oh ok access granted." To everyone's surprise the large metal doors slowly slid open to reveal a control room for the Storage Warehouse. After they entered the Control Room they saw the room was empty and revealed mechanical arms in the warehouse and several crates along with something moving in the darkness. Evelina gave Jaxx a kiss on the cheek and said, "That was pretty cool Jaxx." Jaxx blushed as he got a bit embarrassed that his idea actually worked. Of course the others were not to happy with Jaxx's success and kept their negative thoughts quite to avoid a fight. Once in the control room Jay, Jamie, Cass, Artemis and H-343 began looking at the controls and checking the logs to find the drive core.

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