Phototacycardiactic Narcolepsy and a bad case of Necrotizing Fasciitis

“Cha, but they, like, totally, look like zombies even.” Jaxx said, as the group trudged quietly down the flight of stairs.

“Mutants.” Cass grumbled back at him.

“You, like, sure Miss Jones, Because, I saw this movie with Evebabe, and they looked totally, like similar even.” Cass massaged her temples and resisted the urge to push Jaxx down a flight of stairs. If dealing with normal people was like dealing with idiots, talking to Jaxx for Cass was like talking to a sentient rock.

“I think that you will find, that they are indeed mutants. Most of the experiments here did not work with death and resurrection.” H-343 quipped smugly, Artie would have glowered at the AI if he’d had eyes, so he settled for jostling the little AI ‘accidently’.

“That wasn’t nice Charlie.” Tara said, hauling the robotic brain casing of Artie backwards.

“My name. Is not Charlie! For the hundredth time woman! How dense are you!” Artie yelled, frustrated that Tara couldn’t seem to grasp that he wasn’t a brain in a jar, but was in fact an entirely different brain in a jar.

“Sorry…Charles.” She laughed and petted the jar on the glass domed top. Artie growled and tried to move away in the cramped confines of the stairwell.

“You sure they aren’t zombies? Because, like, if we are bitten and they are zombies then we might turn into one.” Jaxx asked, concern in his face, not for himself, but that he may have to hurt Eve if she was bitten.

“Oh for f…” Cass began, snapping at Jaxx but was interrupted by Jade.

“Look, there is no such thing as zombies. From what H-343 says they have an aversion to sunlight, collapse when exposed to it in fact and some… Well most of them, have a skin disease.” Jade patted Jaxx on the shoulder to re-assure him. “I promise its ok.”

“So there’s no such thing as zombies, but the combination of Phototacycardiactic Narcolepsy and a bad case of Necrotizing Fasciitis is perfectly sound?” Tara queried, slightly taken aback. Jade paused, looking at the nurse.

“It is so good. To finally have someone who understands.” Jade smiled, placing an arm around the hologram. Cass bristled, not liking the insinuation that she hadn’t understood the terms.

“So they are like photo necro fish people?” Jaxx asked, thinking maybe they were MACO’s too. Eve laughed.

“No sweetie, they are mutants.”

“Oh! Right. If you say so babe.” He grinned a toothy grin. Cass sighed, ‘Like talking to a wall.’.

The group emerged out of the stairwell into the gloomy hallway. Omnious scratching and growling echoed about the hallway.

“This way team!” H-343 chirped brightly, pointing towards their destination.


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