Friends in Hatred

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"Lucky for Mr. Jaxx, Serraco's scientists couldn't make a decent AI unless they stole it from a competent company" Artemis commented as the group passed through the security doors.

H-343 "cleared his throat" at Artemis.

"Oh, sorry....they couldn't make a decent AI even if they stole it from a competent company" Artemis 'corrected'.

"You know what, screw you!" h-343 blurted.

"Knock it off! The last thing we need right now is for your arguing to attract some of those damned mutants" Jade said sternly.

"If the fish-bowl would...." Artemis muted H-343 before he could finish. "What's that?" Artemis said snidely. "Superior intellect got your tongue?! HA HA HAAA!"

"Artemis...please" Jay chimed in.

"Yes, Mr. Chrysler, I am done. Alright...let's take a look at those logs" Artemis said, plugging H-343 into the console.

H-343 crossed his arms and tapped his holographic foot. Jay de-activated the mute.

"Thank you Mr. Chrysler" H-343 said before searching the vast swaths of fragmented logs.

"Okay, here's something"


"Fuck you!" Artemis blurted, before he could finish that through, however, Jade and Cass shot him "the look". "Glorified voice recognition software"

"Okay, here are the logs. There are several drives currently in storage but most are salvage from the ill-fated Tachyon Shunt Hyperdrive experiments...if I remember correctly we have a few still in-box that were shipped just before the accidents occurred" H-343 said.

"Now, how do we get to them? As I recall the lower levels are rather hard to reach" asked Cass.

"There's a freight elevator in the actual hanger that will work, but before you go doing that...grab some weapons from security because err...." H-343 fell silent.

"Oh, let me guess, you cretins somehow made the storage levels into a dungeon of death and despair?" Artemis chirped.

"Not us! Those damn PMC's the company brought in...they locked a good number of escaped experiments down there in a last ditch effort at containment"

"We'll manage" Jay interrupted. "Okay, White Wolf, Cass, Plisken, Jaxx and I will go retrieve some additional weapons. Everyone else head down to the hanger, Jamie, I want you to take a look at our Starbug and see if there's anything else that it might need other than the drive and some hull repairs"

"Wait!" Artemis blurted out. "Earlier when I was analyzing the database I read that the Starbug doesn't have was removed to make it more lightweight for test-flights. All of you that like to breath should fetch flight suits or...for those of you that aren't exactly human-shaped....." Artemis looked to White Wolf ".....should at the least find a breathing apparatus, as I doubt there's any sized hamster suits"

"Alright, we'll check storage for those as well" Jay added. "Now let's get moving"

Some time later

Everyone re-united in the hanger. There wasn't too much additional weaponry in security, but the additional firepower would definitely come in handy.

The weapons were divided amongst the group, and some of the weapons salvaged from the camp above-ground were re-assigned to people who could use them better.

Artemis was re-united with his syringe gun (somebody was nice enough to bring his equipment bag from the Starbug down with them) and his arsenal of experimental poisons and anesthetics. In addition to the syringe gun, he also had the stun laser mounted on his hull, which, at anything, would be a decent last resort considering that the stun laser was essentially just for show. Artemis didn't worry though, the syringe gun was more than enough for the mutants...their frail bodies would fall fairly easily to his super-toxins (and some syringes that he filled with toxic waste, just for the sheer fun of it).

He slid a canister of super-toxin filled syringes into the chamber, the gun clicked and hissed, a jet of steam shot out of the barrel. The pressure inside jumped to a higher level....which Artemis thought the gun wasn't capable of. He noticed a little pink piece of paper taped underneath the barrel, he pulled it off and read the note...which was hand-written in binary code.

I made some modifications to your Syringe gun, I reinforced the hull so it could withstand intense pressure and fire the bolts further. Good luck!

"D'awww, she didn't!" Artemis said, examining his wife's handiwork.

"Did your mother pack you a bigger gun?" H-343 remarked snidely.

"No, my wife, troglodyte. Because some of us actually enjoy the companionship of the opposite sex" Artemis snapped back, wishing he didn't have to haul the damned AI around with him.

"Ah, yes, the Skutter..." H-343 remembered The Missus from an earlier argument with Artemis. "Not my choice in spouses, if I had to take a synthetic wife I'd take one of the sexy automatons that Charon Labs manufactured"

"Oh science, no" Artemis remarked. "Those were the most ungrateful wenches on the market. Sure, they'll do what you want but science forbid you want something meaningful...." Artemis said...from experience. Meanwhile, a few of the other dwarfers marveled at the incredible love/hate relationship Artemis and H-343 had built in such a short time....crazed intellects think it would seem....


Who's ready to go toe-to-toe with the worst the lab has to offer? There's a lot down there and they've been waiting quite a while for some new prey.

As I recall all the ship needed was the drive, but anyone that needs to breath (IE, anyone that isn't a synthetic lifeform or brain-tank) will require a flight suit or breathing apparatus to survive the trip.

Also, what's Bruno been up to? He might need to deactivate the now-functioning orbital defenses or something to help us escape! (The bunker coming back online caused the orbital defenses on the supply station to come back online, if you want to pursue that storyline).

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