Activating the Conveyor will Attract the Horde...

“RRrrrrRrrrGH!!” White Wolf complained, as he shifted his great furry bulk against the trolley of sheet metal, drive core and parts that refused to budge. Its wheels rusted, unmoving in the centuries of neglect. “I don’t think this is working…” He huffed, wiping a paw across his brow. He eased off, as did the others who were trying to move the bulky items.

“We have to get the stuff back to the shuttle somehow.” Jamie said, looking at the pile of collected goodies that they had gathered and placed on the only intact trolley in the cargo bay.

“According to my scans there is a conveyor belt that runs to the shuttle bay. It’s over there… 500 yards.” Cass said, looking down at her tablet and gesturing.

“The second we start that up, assuming it even works, it’ll attract every mutant this side of the smegging equator.” Tara said, looking around for any of the albino monsters.

“If it’s broke. I can fix it.” Jamie grunted, heading for the conveyor and whipping out a screwdriver.

“We could lift it all onto the belt with the crane overhead.” Jade said, pointing up at the great clawed arm dangling in the gloom above.

“If it..” Cass began.

“..Still works?” Jade finished.

“Yeah.” Cass huffed, realising she was being overly negative.

“We need a distraction if we are going to do this. To lure the mutants away….” Jay said, looking around. “Leave it to me…” He started to jog away.

“I have a better idea…” Eve said, smiling at Jaxx. Everyone raised an eyebrow. “Jaxx honey. You remember that stack of metal scrap over in the far corner?”

“Like. Cha, totally babe.” Jaxx said, scratching at his head in confusion.

“Will you go and get me one of the pieces from the bottom of the stack? It doesn't matter which one. Then run back here as fast as possible?” She smiled at him and batter her eyelids.

“Oh! Yeah, do we like, need it for the shuttle?”

“Something like that…” Jade said, realising Eve’s plan was to send Jaxx to topple the pile of metal, make a loud racket then run back here before the mutants saw.

“Ok, now who wants to go pilot the crane?” Jay asked, looking around.

“Never fear Mr Chrysler, I can interface with the systems from here.” H-343 said proudly from atop Artemis.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Cass said. “We can meet you in the shuttle bay. If Jamie has it working, we can all go through faster that way.” She said, finally replacing her tablet into a pocket.


OOC – Jaxx - lets see you creating that diversion. What happens when you bring down the metal pyramid? We are escaping now, so if you get trapped you will be left behind!

H-343 – How’s your fun-fair style claw grabbing skills? Can you get the items we need onto the conveyor?

Jamie – Is the conveyor working?

Everyone Else - What about that large mutant? Does it notice us as we escape?

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