Here they come...

"Ok. seems simple enough." Jamie said to himself as he surveyed the conveyor belt in front of him. It looked like it was still in mostly working order, but there was no way a device that had been standing around for this long without use would still be working.

A control console was at one end, and at periodic points there was an emergency stop button in clear view.

The control console had a flashing warning at the top of the screen, burned into the display as it had been there for so long.

"Emergency Stop engaged".

And below that, another warning that had also been etched into the display.

"Blockage detected".

A map of the conveyor showed the location of the detected blockage, but none of the cameras were working nearby to see what was going on remotely.

"Great." he said out loud to no one in particular. It was logical to assume the emergency stop button had been pushed near the blockage, but given the length of time, there was no telling how often a creature from the jungle above had wandered in and accidentally pushed one of them, or a bug crawling through the circuitry could have fried itself on the wiring and fused it closed.

At best, he could deal with both at the same time. At worst, he'd have to rewire the damn thing to ignore the emergency stop buttons. That was probably a good idea anyway, but would take time.

"Cass, can you scan the conveyor from here and find the blockage? The cameras here aren't working." Jamie asked, tapping on some buttons to try and clear the emergency stop.

"Sorry. Something is causing a localised electro magnetic field about half way down the conveyor, if what i can see is accurate at all." She replied.

"Sounds like-" Jamie began, and Cass finished his sentence "An exposed motor housing."

The two looked at each other for a split second, wondering how each other knew. Naturally, Jamie put it down to Cass knowing something about everything.

"Jay." Jamie said. "There's a store cupboard over there." He continued, indicating a wall some 100 yards away. "There should be a spare motor in there, if there's not, it'll take longer to repair. Easier to just switch out."

Jay nodded, and took off to take a look.

"Cass, if you keep an eye on this system, turn it on either when there's a nice distracting noise, or when it shows as operational - whichever comes last." He said, and took off towards the faulty section, tools in hand ready to pull out the dodgy component.


A grunt of frustration escaped his vocal chords. The motor was missing, just the power circuit throwing out the electro magnetic field that would normally keep it spinning. Without it, the heavy hardware they needed to transport would just get stuck at this point, and tear the belt.

He looked around, hoping to find some clue. Maybe someone had removed it in an attempt to repair it previously, or maybe it was in perfect working order, just lying behind a pillar nearby.

"hey guys. See if you can see a metre long metal cylinder, probably with what looks like furry bits on it in a pattern." Jamie called back to the others, and they started looking.

A minute or so later, Jade called out, "Found it!" and Jamie ran to her location. Sure enough, the motor he was after was lying on the ground, a bit battered. The only indication of why it had been removed was a damaged skeleton spread out on the floor nearby.

Jay came back a moment later. "Sorry, nothing motor-like in there." he explained.

"I think we found the spare." Jamie said, picking up the long cylindrical device.

"I wonder if he was trying to do the same thing as us." Eve suggested, indicating the skeleton.

"Who knows. but we don't have time for this." Cass said, and jamie instantly started carrying the motor back to the conveyor section where it was needed.

The noise of straining metal, and a collapsing tower hit them, followed by the instinctual roar of the mutants. Cass hit the button the moment it switched to available, and the motors spun up, creaking and growling as the old and worn out devices accepted the power pushed through them.

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