Luck Favors The Bold And Stupid

We need a distraction if we are going to do this. To lure the mutants away….” Jay said, looking around. “Leave it to me…” He started to jog away.

“I have a better idea…” Eve said, smiling at Jaxx. Everyone raised an eyebrow. “Jaxx honey. You remember that stack of metal scrap over in the far corner?”

“Like. Cha, totally babe.” Jaxx said, scratching at his head in confusion.

“Will you go and get me one of the pieces from the bottom of the stack? It doesn't matter which one. Then run back here as fast as possible?” She smiled at him and batter her eyelids.

“Oh! Yeah, do we like, need it for the shuttle?”

“Something like that…” Jade said, realising Eve’s plan was to send Jaxx to topple the pile of metal, make a loud racket then run back here before the mutants saw.

Jaxx grinned like a big goof as he ran off in the direction of the scrap pile. He was happy to help when Eve was being extra nice. As he was running he thought to himself, "Maybe Eve babe will totally want to do something cool when we get back like since she is being so nice ta me and stuff." Franky replied in Jaxx's head, "Oceans to Murgatroyed even, you're such an obedient mate, even. Evelina is a lucky GELF even." Jaxx thought, "Yo Franky dude ya like finally woke up and stuff." Franky thought, "Sorry about that. I guess my age is catching up with me." Jaxx thought, "It's cool bro we all need a siesta now and then ta cool of the ole melon." Franky thought, "Oh my, how profound my dear cute apprentice. By the way what are you doing even?" Jaxx thought, "Well like Eve babe totally needs a most awesome piece of scrap iron from the bottom of that bodacious pile up ahead and like in a hurry." Franky thought for a second as he realized what would happen when Jaxx did that and giggled before he thought, "Oh my! You are a loyal mate, however you are a lacking in the department of physics." Jaxx thought, "Huh? Like I only understood part o that Master." Franky chuckled as he thought, "Don't sweat it dear boy I'll look after your cute posterior for you." Jaxx grinned as he replied, "Thanks Master Franky, your so righteous and wise." Franky giggled as he thought, "Oceans to Murgatroyed even, you flatter me so."

After a while Jaxx made his way to the large pile of scrap iron. It was huge by all standards as Jaxx looked at it with awe. The pile was close to a hundred and fifty feet high and composed of various damaged I-Beams, Shuttle parts, deck plating, consoles and so on. Jaxx looked around for a good piece on the bottom to pull from. As Jaxx searched for a good piece to use he was oblivious to the mutants on top of the pile who were eyeing him from the shadows. Above Jaxx on the ceiling, a rather large extra nasty looking mutant licked its chops as it looked at the oblivious Jaxx who was making some noise as he was trying to select a choice piece for Evelina. Of course Franky quickly picked up on the danger and monitored it in silence as Jaxx continued his salvage mission. As Jaxx made his choice Franky thought, "Wait!" Jaxx froze as he thought, "What is it Master?" Franky thought, "Not that one, even!" Jaxx thought, "Like then which one should I pick?" Franky saw a better choice to work with and thought, "Oh my even, I think that grey one is far more fetching even."

Jaxx rubbed his chin as he looked at the large gray deck plating. It probably weighed about two hundred pounds so it would be to much for him to handle. After a nod and a smile Jaxx thought, "Ok Master." as he walked to the deck plating and began yanking on it. As Jaxx was pulling the plate inch by inch the mutants on top of the scrap pile began slow crawling down in a stealthy manner to attack Jaxx from behind. Of course Jaxx was so focused on the deck plating he never noticed the mutant stalkers sneaking from above. Franky calmly listened to his surrounding as he watched Jaxx's progress and the listen to the advancement of the mutants from above. After a bit of a struggle Jaxx was down to the last few inches of the deck plating. Jaxx pulled furiously on the deck plating as the mutants were getting close enough to jump Jaxx from behind. Franky nervously grinned as he was a bit worried Jaxx's timing would be off. Then suddenly the mutants leaped off their metal perches to pounce on top of Jaxx just as Jaxx pulled with all his might and yanked the deck plating out. The amount of strength Jaxx was using caused him to fling himself backwards about twenty feet as he stumbled while holding onto the deck plating as if his life depending on it.

The mutants realized to late what Jaxx had done as the large pile of scrap came crumbling down along with them. The mutants panicked as they tried to grab onto anything to climb up only to pull more scrap down upon themselves when the pile crashed down below. The old rusted metal proved to be fatal for the mutants as it crushed and pierced them with out mercy and muffling their sounds with the loud clanging of metal upon itself. Jaxx continued to stumble backwards and luckily avoided the metal falling down as he was holding onto his deck plating above his head for his beloved Evelina. Of course the super scary mutant on the ceiling took this opportunity to try to drop onto Jaxx from above. Of course due to Jaxx loosing his balance while holding the large deck plating he never saw the danger coming from above as he tripped on an old skull that was bitten in half causing him to fall on his back. Jaxx made sure to hold the deck plating away from him so it would not land on him. This of course now completely blocked his view of the super mutant landing right in front of him and licking its drooling chops with its long tongue and wiggling its claws. Just as the super mutant was about to swipe at Jaxx's plating a large I-Beam crane frame toppled towards Jaxx and landed on the skull of the super mutant and crushed it like a grape. The splatter went everywhere but, the deck plating protected Jaxx from it, as he was getting his bearings back.

The noise of straining metal, and a collapsing tower hit them, followed by the instinctual roar of the mutants. Cass hit the button the moment it switched to available, and the motors spun up, creaking and growling as the old and worn out devices accepted the power pushed through them.

When Jaxx sat up and moved the deck plating he saw how close he was to the fallen scrap metal. Jaxx stood up with a shocked face as he thought, "Whoa like that was close Master. I almost like got smashed like a pancake." Franky giggled and thought, "Oh my, You have no idea how lucky you are my dear boy, but I believe your sweet wife needs that soon, even." Jaxx looked concerned and he replied out loud, "Oh snap like Eve babe said ta hurry back." Jaxx held the deck plating above his head as he raced back to the others. He never knew just how close he was to a serious threat and Franky didn't plan on telling him just yet. Franky thought, "So did she say what the plating was for even?" Jaxx thought, "Nawh but I like think it's for the shuttle repairs and stuff. As Jaxx was running and holding the large deck plating above his head he was clueless to the blood and guts dripping off the plating from behind leaving a trail from where he was. It was then that Jaxx heard the sounds of the mutants heading to the scrap pile from behind him. They seemed to eating something in the pile but Jaxx didn't feeling like asking what it was.

Jaxx saw the others on moving on the belt ahead as he raced after them and barely made it on the belt with them as he was catching his breath. The he smiled like an idiot and said, "Hey Eve babe like here is your scrap metal. Like what are we like gonna do with it?"

<TAG> (Luck favors the bold and stupid once again.)

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