The dark corridor was lit only by the flashes of muzzle fire as Jays group fired shots at the oncoming horde.
A lucky shot from Tara and a bullet ripped into the cranium of one mutant, bursting through the back of it’s skull and embedding itself in the forehead of another right behind.
“When did you get so badass?” Jay asked as he cocked his shotgun to reload.
Tara responded with nothing but a “Behind you!” and Jay responded by swinging his weapon around in a wide circle and slammed the butt of his shotgun into the side of the attacking mutants head sending it reeling to the floor where he smashed his gun into it’s skull a few more times to finish the job.
“There coming out of the vents!” yelled Plisken, holding his pistol at arms length and emptying a round into a mutants head at close range.
“Smeg it, I wrecked the bike for THIS?” Jay said in exasperation.
“Well. We did ALSO find Cass and the others” Plisken replied
“Did you not hear me? I wrecked the BIKE! I’m not sure it’s worth going on anymore!”
“Jay, remind to give you a psych exam when we get back…” Tara said.
“There are too many of them comrades!” Svens digital voice boomed.
“He’s right!” Jay yelled “We’re gonna run out of ammo before they run out of bodies…”
“Got a plan?” Plisken asked.
“I never plan” Jay replied. “But everyone follow me…”
He darted down the corridor, away from the ensuing horde and the others gave chase.
He came to a section of the corridor with an emergency bulkhead. “Perfect. ‘Scuse me Sven”
He yanked open a panel on Sven’s back and pulled out a power core, the robot shutting down.
“Sorry” Jay said “We’ll replace it when we get back to the ship..”
He threw it up the corridor and taking aim, fire a shot at it. The first missed, but the second shot hit it, rupturing the core.
“Plisken! The lever!”
Plisken, who was standing nearest to the switch to activate the emergency bulkhead nodded, and obligingly pulled the lever.
The power core erupted, sending white hot flames spewing down the corridor, the bulkhead slamming closed just in time as the flames reached under it like fingers.
“That won’t keep them for long” Jay said “We need to reach the others and find a way off this planet – for good.”

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