Juke Box Hero

“Yeah, but they were, like, totally wearing basques and suspenders” Jaxx protested
“I saw them too, baby” Eve chimed in
“No I’m sorry” Jade said gently “This must be some sort of after-effect for you guys from that nightmare room. You might have seen cross dressing zombies, but we all saw a horde of blind, albino mutants with vicious teeth and claws. You did a great job, by the way, of holding them off – Thanks”
“Well... Maybe” Jaxx’s forehead wrinkled with the effort of taking all this in “I’m, like, sure I saw...”
“Don’t worry about it” Jade soothed “Blind, albino mutants, okay? They seem to hunt just fine without eyes”
“Yeah, I guess...”
“Good man” Jade clapped him on the arm “Now go see if you can find those two some clothes” she turned back to the rest of the group “Eastlick, Jones; what the hell are you two still doing here? Get in that washroom!”

Jaxx & Eve – Can you find some clothes? – what happens while you’re out scavenging around?

Jaxx scratched his head as he contemplated on the new information from Jade and Cass. Evelina could see Jaxx was having trouble making sense of his situation as she put her hand on his shoulder and said, “Maybe it was just an illusion sweety.” Jaxx sighed as he shrugged and replied, “Chaa, but it was totally realistic and stuff.” Evelina nodded as she replied, “Kinda weird how we both saw the same thing though.” Jaxx replied, “Like that is wut bugs me Eve babe.” Evelina looked at the others and she replied, “We shouldn't waste time Jaxx. Let’s go find some clothes before Jay gets here.” Jaxx nodded as they left through an office backdoor into a maintenance hatch. Jaxx made sure it was clear before they entered the hatch as Evelina checked her supplies in her bag. As they crawled through the maintenance hatch Jaxx asked, “Umm Eve babe like I know this is a bad time to ask but wut size clothes should we get?” Evelina smirked as she replied, “Don’t sweat it Jaxx I already know everyone’s size.” Jaxx was confused as he asked, “Like how Eve babe?” Evelina blushed as she replied, “Well keep in mind I have been a model in the fashion business for a long time so it is not hard for me figure someone’s size just by looking at them. In fact I find myself doing it without thinking about it.” Jaxx replied, “Wow that’s kinda cool Eve babe.” Evelina replied, “You’re too kind Jaxx. It’s not that uncommon in the industry.” Jaxx could hear the slight sorrow in her voice as he felt his chest tighten. After a sigh Jaxx replied, “I may not be some gaudy guru of fashion but I totally think your awesome Eve babe. I like don’t know much about your past but I know your totally smart, pretty and strong. So like if something is bugging ya just know I’m like here for ya and stuff.” Evelina instinctively tugged on Jaxx’s Hawaiian shirt as her tears welled up in her eyes. Jaxx stopped when he felt the tug on his shirt and turned around to see Evelina was crying.

Jaxx was at a loss since he didn’t know what to do or say. Evelina hugged Jaxx as she said, “Just hold me for a little bit ok?” Jaxx looked at the sad Evelina and muttered, “Eve babe………” Evelina hugged Jaxx tightly as she had a good cry pressing her face against his muscular chest. Jaxx just held Evelina as she soaked his shirt in tears for a while. After a few minutes Evelina calmed down as she replied, “Thanks Jaxx I needed that.” Jaxx asked, “Chaaa Eve babe it’s cool. Like wut happened?” Evelina told Jaxx about her living nightmare being captured by the Modeling Agency and forced to work since she thought Jaxx was their prisoner. Jaxx was taken back by Evelina’s story as he realized he too had to deal with the monster inside him. Jaxx then smirked and said, “Don’t sweat it Eve babe. It was like a bad dream and stuff.” Evelina replied, “I know but it still haunted me so.” Jaxx could see Evelina was still shaken by her ordeal so he said, “I know things are totally wicked and rough but we like need to keep it together so we can bail this gnarly place and blast off to the Dwarf, k?” Evelina took a deep breath and nodded yes. Jaxx then asked, “So like just out of curiosity where would we find clothes anyway?” Evelina smirked as she replied, “Well we do have a few choices depending on the way this place is set up. Clothes are kept in the locker rooms, the Quarter Master’s store, the laundry bin, the science wards and personal quarters. However we have to find clothes that are not contaminated while avoiding the zombies.” Jaxx rubbed the back of his head nervously as he replied, “Wow like you figured that out fast Eve babe.” Evelina smirked as she replied, “Yeah well I’ve had difficulty keeping my uniforms in the past. Apparently women’s clothing is apparently valuable to perverts especially if it is recently worn.” Jaxx tried to imagine what Evelina was saying but his lack of knowledge in sex and perversion made it hard for him to visualize so instead he figured the guys like to wear women’s clothes.

After finding a safe exit hatch, Jaxx and Evelina crawled out and looked around. Jaxx was clueless on where he was going so Evelina searched the walls for signs to determine their location. As they walked down a few halls they found more remains form dead bodies. Evelina was a bit on edge as they walked down the halls of the station. The slightly dim and flickering lights and eerie sounds from down the halls were more than enough to convince most this place was haunted. Jaxx on the other hand was not too concerned about the zombies as he sang a song in his head.


The irony is that Jaxx had no idea when he ever heard this song. It just popped into his head as he was thinking about being hungry. Of course as he was getting into the song he began humming it just loud enough for Evelina to hear. Evelina looked at Jaxx who seemed oblivious to the dangers that lurked around the corner. Evelina thought to herself, “Either Jaxx is not scared or he is unaware of how serious our situation is.” As Evelina reflected on the actions of Jaxx’s past she realized he was just fearless and only got serious when he was in danger. Evelina smirked as she pictured how silly Jaxx would be if he never had to fight again. His child like mind would be fairly easy to entertain with kid games and songs. Evelina smiled as she got to see this part of Jaxx when no one was around. During this time Jaxx was easy going and fun to be around. Evelina continued to monitor the plaques on the walls that identified their location on the base and what was nearby. Jaxx and Evelina were lucky in that they had not been attacked yet as they did their best to find a place with clothes for Cass and Jamie.

After walking a bit further Evelina rubbed her chin as she found a plaque with something interesting on it. Evelina looked at Jaxx who was now humming a different tune in his head.


Evelina was slightly amused by Jaxx’s humming and head wiggle. She was able to identify both of the songs he was humming since she was the one who introduced him to her library of audio and video entertainment. Evelina was glad Jaxx was willing to accept her odd habits and enjoy them with her. She just hoped Jaxx could handle the other secrets she had yet to share with him. She knew it wasn’t fair to him that she knew more about him than he knew about her. Of course now was not the time to find out since they needed to get off this planet first. As Evelina led Jaxx to the area up ahead they saw a strange looking room with an old damaged sign above it. Jaxx was confused by the words on the sign as he couldn’t make out the meaning. Evelina could tell Jaxx was confused again as she tapped him on the shoulder and whispered into his ear, “It says Auto-Master Barter Lounge, Jaxx.” Jaxx looked at the broken sign reading “…..Master-Ba.ter Lounge” and replied, “Ohhhhhhh………ok.” Feeling kinda of stupid Jaxx nervously rubbed the back of his head as he grinned like an idiot at Evelina. Evelina replied, “Its ok Jaxx you probably never haven’t seen one yet.” Jaxx nodded in agreement as they prepared to enter the room. Jaxx and Evelina slowly entered the room in preparation to see more zombies only to see it appeared empty. They sighed with relief as they didn’t have to fight any zombies. The room looked a bit scary as they walked past more human remains on the floor. As they looked around they saw several vending machines containing different products.

Evelina and Jaxx looked at the vending machines to see if they could find what they were looking for. Among the vending machines were snack machines, drink machines, medical machines, ammo machines and clothing machines. Evelina looked at Jaxx who was eyeballing the snack machines as she said, “That food is old Jaxx, I doubt it is any good now.” Jaxx sighed as he saw the logic in Evelina’s words. Evelina said, “And I doubt the ammo is any good after this long either. But I do find it strange to find it in a vending machine.” Jaxx had no answer as he shrugged. After finding the vending machines selling clothes they were puzzled by the choices. For some reason their choices were limited to rainbow tie-die medical scrubs, female cosplay costumes and S&M costumes. Jaxx and Evelina looked at each other as they were not sure what was going on with their choices. Evelina said, “Maybe they had a demand for weird hobbies.” Jaxx shrugged as he replied, “Either that or we are still having our melons jarred with.” Evelina looked at the machines and then said, “Well it looks like we need some money to use them.” Jaxx scratched his head as he tried to think of a solution. As Jaxx looked around he saw a skeletal corpse face down with its wallet poking out of the worn out pants. Jaxx then pulled the wallet out and found some money in it and handed it to Evelina. Jaxx said, “Try this Eve babe I’ll like see if I can find more.” Evelina smiled at Jaxx as she took the wallet and pulled out the old money to so she could insert it into the vending machines. Jaxx continued to find more money about the place and gave it to Evelina to make various purchases from all the odd clothing machines available. Evelina purchased various sizes of rainbow tie-die medical scrubs, Magical Girl costumes, Sailor Moon costumes, Animal Girl costumes, Leather knickers, a leather choker with a “Big Daddy” logo on it, Ass-less chaps, Leather vests and Leather bras. Evelina snuck some of the costumes into her backpack for her personal use and the rest she put into a duffel bag she purchased from the vending machine. As Jaxx continued to look around he saw a large disco ball on the ceiling and posters of men in tight revealing clothing on the walls. Jaxx was a bit confused by the décor of the room as he found a stage with brass poles in the middle of the stage and ceiling and on the side of the bar was a juke box. As Jaxx looked at the music machine he was confused by what it was. He scratched his head in curiosity as Evelina approached him from behind and said, “Wow I haven’t seen one of these in a long time. It’s a Juke Box Jaxx. It is a machine that plays music.” Jaxx replied, “Ohhhhhh………It’s shiny.” Evelina giggled at Jaxx as she replied, “Your silly Jaxx.” Jaxx asked, “So what kind of music do they have?” Evelina looked and saw the music list contained various songs from the:

Village People
Various Boy Love Songs

Evelina giggled as she looked around and replied, “I am shocked they would have such a place in a military compound.”
Suddenly Jaxx heard a sound from behind the bar and accidently bumped the juke box. In the process the juke box turned on and began to play the last song selected.


Suddenly the music began to attract the blind mutant zombies from various places as they slowly crawled towards Jaxx and Evelina. Evelina quickly pointed at the zombies and said, “Jaxx here they come.” Jaxx replied, “Not cool man! Eve babe stand back while I do my thing.” Evelina then got behind Jaxx as she began throwing random items like ash trays, massage devices and beer mugs at the zombies. Jaxx whipped out his holowhips and began dis-arming and dis-legging the zombies in a blaze of slash attacks. As the music continued to play Evelina was slightly annoyed by how things turned out. Evelina said, “That Queen is attracting them. I’ll try to shut it off!” Jaxx replied, “Chaa Eve babe.” As he continued his high speed lash attacks. Evelina pounded on the juke box and pushed random buttons to stop the music only to find it merely switched songs.


Suddenly the zombies stopped their attack and began to dance in unison in front of Jaxx and Evelina. Jaxx was confused as he looked at Evelina who also shrugged in confusion. As the zombies did their choreographed dance Jaxx grabbed Evelina and raced past the dancing zombies. Jaxx ran with all his might as he held Evelina over his shoulder. Evelina looked up to see the zombies were slowly following them as they danced in unison. Despite the confusion Evelina quickly told Jaxx when to turn to get back to their destination. Every now and then Jaxx would have to use his Holo whip to dis-leg a zombie as he past them by.

After several twists and turns they heard the music stop and the loud noise of the zombies filled the air as they gave chase to Jaxx and Evelina. Evelina held onto her duffle bag and back pack as Jaxx held onto her. As they were nearing the hatch Evelina starting counting the seconds it took for the zombies to catch up to her and Jaxx before she popped a few grenades and tossed them towards the zombies. Shortly after Jaxx rounded a corner to get to the hatch they heard a series of explosions from the grenades. Jaxx wasted no time popping open the hatch and pushing Evelina in before he squeezed in just in time before the zombies arrived. Evelina and Jaxx quickly made their way back to the others hoping that they would find no more surprises.


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