Anyone Out There?

“I guess you don’t like Chris Rea?” I looked up. The Doctor had moved over, I listened and true enough over the radio was Chris Rea, She Don’t Need Diamonds… or something like that if I remember correctly. I smirked.

“He’s alright I guess, just not on an endless loop. Jade wasn’t it?” I’m pretty sure that was her name. I could be wrong, so many new faces.

“Yeah. That’s right.” Jade looked at the air meter on her suit and noticed it running dangerously close to the red line. “We need to get out of here.” She said, running through the stages of oxygen deprivation in her mind and checking that she wasn’t succumbing just yet.

“We’ve been thinking about that.” Cass said, checking over something on the tablet. Jade briefly wondered what would happen if the genius were to lose the device.

“There is some residual fuel in the re-grav units, I was going to save it for landing back on the Dwarf, but I think with Jamie’s help we can divert the fuel into the boosters and push our way into the path of the cargo run that Bruno is doing. He has no choice but to stop and help then.” Jay said, straightening up in the zero-g as best he could.

“Or crash into us…” Cass added “Either way, it beats suffocating.” She shrugged, an odd motion that moved her entire body as she floated.

“Sounds good to me.” Jade said, checking her air again and looking over at the sealed crate with White Wolf inside. He had a breather mask, but it must be cramped in there. It was the best solution to the vacuum of space problem they could come up with in the time given.

“H-343? Would you be able to contact the Space stations Bruno is flying from? Maybe we can convince them that we are Seraco and need rescuing? Or you can override them and get them to order him to pick us up?” Plisken added, looking at the little holographic AI perched on top of Artie.

“Artie, your suit has some basic comms in it, can we modify them to get a boost and contact anyone, Seraco, the stations, Holly?” Cass asked, bringing up a schematic on her pad.



Artie – Can we modify your robot suit to get a comms boost?

H-343 – Can you contact anyone? Maybe help Artie to get a signal out?

Jamie- Can you switch up the fuel lines?

Jay – How does the boosting go? Any drama once the fuel is diverted?

Bruno – Help! Save us! We are suffocating!

Plisken – Anything Plisken can do to save us? Has he been in a similar situation
before and knows something that we might have overlooked?

Jaxx/Eve – Sit tight, we will get out of here soon. Does Frankie have any ideas as to how to convince Bruno to help?

Cass – How much battery life does that tablet have exactly? We’ve been away from power for a long time now? Time for her to lose her crutch for a bit?

Anyone I forgot – Feel free to chip in and post us being rescued somehow!

Lots of quiet posters at the moment. Can you let us know if you are still interested by posting please? Doesn’t have to be an essay each time, just a paragraph is enough. If you are stuck for ideas give anyone a shout, we are all happy to help anytime. Let’s get out of here, the next plot might involve something along the lines of DNA (the Red Dwarf episode) or a crazy funfair or maybe something else…. If anyone has any ideas for storylines let us know. We want you to enjoy this as much as we do. 

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