We Need You!

As Ensign Evelina Stone sat at her navigation station she watched the JMC news on a separate monitor. She noticed the commercials seem to contain a lot of propaganda as well as the news. It looked like they wanted to make you feel guilty if you didn't do your civic duty and support the JMC. Not only did the news insist on purchasing certain products but they also were on a big recruiting spree. The news would highlight certain ideal JMC men and women who best represented them. Among the few who were on the news was none other than Captain Ace Rimmer. Evelina smirked as she saw his smug charming smile as he nodded at the camera while his face was representing the JMC pilots. Apparently Jay was very popular with the female demographic as the Narrator mentioned over the commercial.

The next set of commercials were for the JMC Technology School and Science School. Jamie Eastlick was working on an engine when the Narrator was talking about the technical experts and in the spotlight of the Science camera pan was none other than Phil FeBuggure in a in a lab coat with huge goggles on. He gave a thumbs up as he was operating some crazy device that sprayed lighting from it as it fried a devil beetle trapped inside a cage.

Then a commercial for a talk show came on and showed some so called experts argue over the best way to deal with the Devil Beetles and whether or not they were intelligent at all. Some crazy scientist was outraged at the thought of the Devil Beetles having an intelligence that compared to humans.

The next commercial was targeted to recruiting GELFs. As the camera showed various GELFs in the JMC the spotlight fell on none other than Commander White Wolf who was the poster face for recruiting GELFs. As the camera panned out it revealed several posters of Commander White Wolf wearing a Union Jack suit and pointing at the readers with the caption below
In the JMC."

Then after a few more commercials on buying JMC O's cereal and selling your scrap metal and plastic to various recycling companies to help the cause. Evelina was slightly amused by the hoaky propaganda till she saw Jaxx on the next commercial for donating your dead relatives, pets and organs to the Super Soldier Initiative Programs that recycle old bodies and organs to make Super Soldiers. Jaxx actually looked very cool as he and a Squad of MACOs were marching into combat. Evelina was shocked by how convincing the narrator was at making the viewer feel guilty for not donating their body to the cause.

Just then a male Lieutenant was looking over her shoulder was a sneer on his face.

Lt.: Planning on donating your body to science Ensign Stone?

Eve: Huh? Oh not particularly why?

Lt: Good. I was worried I wasn't going to get a chance to tap that sweet arse.

She looked at the pompous Lieutenant trying to act suave in front of her. As she looked him over she saw he was semi attractive but skinny and apparently used a whole bottle of hair gel to mold it into a fake version of a 1950s greaser's hair style. He also reeked of cheap after shave lotion or cologne which probably made him quite flamable. She frowned as she saw he was seriously over compensating for his short comings. The sad truth was that she had known smegheads like him her whole life. He was the type of guy who was semi good looking and semi intelligent and used that to coast by throughout life. Instead of studying for his officer's exam he most likely bought the test answers from a shady disgruntled JMC instructor. However what he probably didn't know was that when he signed up for the fake tutoring class he also signed a waiver that allowed the JMC to experiment on his body while he was alive and after he was dead. Of course this was an unofficial act and only worked on lazy, self absorbed, pompous smegheads like the Lieutenant. The JMC seemed to come out ahead one way or another. Had she any respect or pity for the poor wretch she would have warned him but his cheesy one liners and lack of respect for women totally ended his chance for salvation.

Eve: Sorry but you're not my type.

Lt: That's not what I heard. I heard you're like the turn about.

Eve: (annoyed) How so?

Lt: Always ready for another round.

Eve: Back off ya wanker. I'm spoken for.

Lt: Oh really now? Are you sleeping your way to the top? Skipping the middleman eh?

Eve: No! If you must know he is a marine. A big strong one ta boot.

Lt: What? You prefer some jar head roid freak private to a classy officer like me? What's he got that I don't?

Eve: (sly grin) Brains, muscles, talent, looks, charm and a personality.

Lt: Oh please, even if that was the case, he is as good as dead since he will be on the front line.

Eve: (balled up fists in anger) GO Away Sir!

Lt: Just remember he won't be around all the time. Eventually you will realize I can make your life easier or harder.

Evelina glared at the sleazy Lieutenant as he proceeded to hit on all the other females. Though the Lieutenant was a smeghead she was more concerned about Jaxx being on the front lines. It did bother her as she flashed back to the hanger where she attended to the sick and dead. She knew it was only a matter of time before she saw Jaxx on a stretcher. It made her cringe to think of him getting recycled.

After her shift was over Evelina tried to sneak away before the Lieutenant found her. Luckily she ran into her female friends aka the Rowdy Girls and it didn't take long till they could see something was bugging her. After heading to the mess hall they picked up some grub and coerced Evelina into opening up. After a few bad jokes she relaxed enough to confess about the Lieutenant and Jaxx. At first she was worried about telling them about her and Jaxx, but instead they just laughed.

Eve: Wuts so funny?

Stacy: Uh you girl.

Rhonda: Girl you mentioned that smeghead at least once a week. However I don't recall you having a boyfriend.

Tammy: Have ya been hiding em from us?

Ruby: Did ya make em up to blow off the Lt.?

Eve: Wut no! He is real and we are very close.

Stacy pulled out her data pad: Then fess up girl who is the lucky bloke that won yer heart?

Evelina realized she in over her head. She hoped the girls would be understanding and not judge her when she confessed.

Eve looking nervous: Master Chief Jaxx

Stacy looked him up and was shocked as she read his stats.

Stacy: Oh Snap! Girl you are a freak.

Rhonda: Ohh lemme see.

Ruby: No fair I wanna see too.

Tammy: Yeah me too.

The Rowdy Girls quickly got up to look over Stacy's shoulder to see who the mysterious boyfriend was. Then the looked shocked at Eve as they smirked at her.

Eve: Wut?

Tammy: Does he know he is your bo?

Eve: Yes why?

Rhonda: So that's wut yer inta. You really are a kinky girl.

Eve: Its not like that.

Ruby: So is he inta the ruff stuff?

Eve: Hey!

Stacy: Sorry Evie but this story is just too juicy. Now ya have ta fess up?

Evelina felt nervous as she realize the truth was just to outrageous to tell and she wasn't sure how to lie about it. How was she going to tell them she woke up in stasis and they all died. Then all the adventures she went on with Jaxx and the other crew members before the universe ended after Brittany was killed. As she looked at her nosy and pervy female friends she tried to think of a reasonable answer for them. To make things worse the sleazy Lt. found her and decided to use a few more cheesy lines on her.

Suddenly Jaxx showed up in his armor as he looked around before seeing Evelina with her friends. After a big wave he headed over and hugged her in front of everyone. The Rowdy Girls and the sleazy Lt. dropped their jaw at the sight.

Eve: You are a sight fer sore eyes.

Jaxx: Sorry fer bailin on ya Evebabe.

Lt.: Uh....Evebabe?.....Who is this meathead?

Eve proudly smiling: This is my man Jaxx.

Lt.: Eh? You'er dating a MACO? Are ye daft woman? They eat people.

Jaxx: Who's the weasel?

Eve: Baby this sleazeball thinks I am better off wit him. He hits on me all the time.

Jaxx glares at the Lt.: Sorry little dude. Evebabes wit me. So ya need ta chill out.

Lt.: Yeah right I outrank you. You lay a hand on me and I'll have ya court-martialed.

Jaxx: Ha! I answer only ta Commander White Wolf ya Smeghead. Keep pushin yer luck buddy boy and I'll request ya join me on tha front. I'll just use ya as a shield fer the Devil Beetles.

Lt.: (Nervous and afraid) Your lucky I have somewhere ta be. (Scurrying off)

The Rowdy Girls laughed as the Lt. quickly made his exit. It was even more amusing as they noticed he pissed his pants along the way. Unfortunately some poor guy was on his way to sit with his tray of food when he slipped in the urine soaked floor and landed on his back as the tray of food flew up in the air before landing on him.

Rhonda: Wow so he is real. I thought ya made em up Evie.

Stacy: Does he have any brothers?

Jaxx: Nawh but I do have some wicked clones, except fer my blue hair and all.

Tammy: Maybe we should check out the marines latter on.

Ruby: So now that he is here ya have to tell us how ya met.

Jaxx saw concern in Evelina's eyes and he smirked.

Jaxx: Sorry ladies. I know ya are close ta Evebabe and all, but we totally met on a classified mission by accident. So she like ain't allowed ta talk about it.

Ruby: No fair. Can't ya tell us something?

Jaxx thought for a bit: Well............I like can say we met on a different planet and Evebabe totally helped me when I was like injured. After that we have totally been like peas in a pod and stuff.

Stacy: Oh that is so sweet. It's like that movie "Enemy at the Gates" It was showdown between two snipers in Stalingrad. The Russian sniper was a local war hero and in love with a Jewish woman who is in the resistance.

Eve: Uh not really but I get wut ya mean.

Ruby: So is there anything else ya have tell us?

Jaxx: Hmmmmm....... well she totally mentioned you ladies a lot and made me watch a lot of her favorite shows so yeah we spent some serious time together.

Tammy: So how long are you here for?

Jaxx: Can't say. Just waiting fer my squad ta get fixed up and the next mission ta line up.

Rhonda: Aren't ya afraid of going back?

Jaxx: Naawh...if anything I am more eager ta see Evebabe again. So I guess I've totally got a reason ta live and stuff unlike some o them canaries we get.

Ruby: So are ya gonna take our Evie away fer some private time?

Eve: Come on girls I haven't seen em in a good while.

Rhonda: Come on Evie ya can put some ice on it fer a while. We may never see em again.

Eve: That's wut I'm afraid of.

Jaxx: It's cool Evebabe. I got some time.

Eve: Just bare with it Jaxx.

For the next few hours The Rowdy Girls insisted on getting to know Eve's mysterious boyfriend. During their downtime they took him to a bar in the promenade and swapped stories while playing billiards and drinking several pints. The girls were hoping a few beers would loosen up Jaxx's tongue but he seemed to have a high resistance to alcohol like Evelina.


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