Amber shook out her hair as she exited the showers and finished buttoning up her civvies. Coming out of the male locker room was the man that tall of the pilot and navigation crew called Lieutenant Sleaze. He'd showered and changed, a new uniform masking his earlier 'weakness'. He looked over amber with an un-guarded eye.

"Hey sexy..." He tried.

"Fuck of Sleaze" She barked, shoving him in the chest as she pushed past his attempts to block the doorway.

"That's no way to talk to a superior...." He was cut off as Amber wheeled on him, a look of molten fury on her face.

"What was that Lieutenant?" She snapped, stressing the rank of the offending slimeball.

"Oh smeg... Sorry... I forgot... Oh man... Sorry Captain..." He snivelled and tried to apologize.

"Yeah, whatever sleaze ball. Your are lucky that I'm transferred today or I'd be writing your ass up again. Actually...." Amber paused and punched in a few commands into he wall based comm panel.

"Nooo... Please..." He begged, all attempts at a quick shag forgotten.

"Security, I have an unconscious crewman here that needs to spend some time in the brig. Someone come collect him. I've got a flight to catch." Amber keyed off the communication and smiled at the Sleaze.

"But I'm not..." He said confused.

"I really am glad you said that." She said with a wicked grin and punched the Lieutenant. He went cross eyed as he crumpled to the floor unconscious. amber smiled and grabbed her kit bag. Being only two had it's advantages, she didn't have much personal gear.

She looked over the shuttle-bay one last time and waved to someone up in the Officers lounge overlooking the cavernous bay. She smiled, and boarded the shuttle bound for her new designated ship. Her own ship. A proper Captaincy. It was a shame that she had to leave, but her recent promotion to Captain left no choice but to leave for her own commission. It might only be shuttling ore between Luna and Earth, but it was a start.

The ship elegantly exited the shuttle bay, the pilot only scuffing the Star-Bug's paintwork.

"Oh hi Captain. I'm your pilot for the flight, you might want to buckle up, there have been some attacks recently." The charming man smiled, flecks of what looked like toast around his lips.

"No problem Kayn. Just get me there in one piece please." She smiled at the blue haired boy and buckled into the co-pilots chair.


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