Super Live ***Action*** Drunk Joint Post

“I’m sorry to give you this news again, Mr Chrysler.” Said the flight instructor, with a sigh. “But you’ve failed your test. I still cannot give you a pilot’s license.”

Jay looked back at the instructor with a confused face, as he struggled to figure out what was going on. The instructor took that as a prompt, and continued.

“In fact, I do not believe you are cut out to be a pilot, so I cannot allow you to take this test again.”

It took a second or two for the situation to settle, before he realised who was talking to him. He smirked mockingly, “Yeah, whatever.”

Outside the window, he could see the desolate landscape of a planetoid, the ground was at an angle, and the landing leg damage lights were flashing.

“Please, sit back and wait for us to return to the Blue Dwarf.” Was all he heard as he tried to lift off again, only to find that his controls had been deactivated.

“Blue… Dwarf?” Jay said quietly to himself. He was expecting this universe to be different, but the Blue Dwarf not having been destroyed wasn’t a thought he’d had yet.

“Blue Dwarf, this is Dean Thomas, returning.” Said his instructor, as the damaged Starbug lifted off again, and sped off towards the large Blue vessel, gently drifting past the small asteroid field. Jay cringed as he expected the Starbug to at least clip the side of the landing bay door, but it slid in gently, perfectly, and landed without trouble, even with the damaged landing struts.

The repair crew instantly appeared on scene as the engines turned off, and Dean stood up, waiting for Jay to walk out first. He did, though grudgingly. As he reached the deck plates, he glanced over to see Jamie with a small repair crew, already working to straighten the landing gear.

“Jay, what’s going on?” Asked Jamie, seeing someone he knew.

“On first name terms with the repair crew? I’m not surprised…” Muttered Dean as he walked off, pausing next to a medical team. “It’s ok, stand down. No lost limbs this time.” He said, and continued back to his proper job, as chief of the navigation department.

Jay and Jamie looked up, and saw Jade and a small medical crew on standby, and both of them expected at least a sarcastic comment, then did a double-take as they saw she still had both arms.

“Jade!” Jamie called, and waved her over. The three of them stood together, their first meeting in the new universe.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“Apparently in this universe, I don’t know how to fly.” Jay responded, despondently with a tear in his eye, like his whole world had just crashed down around him, just as if Katrina had died for a third time. And for a flickering moment, he wished he could go back to running from Brittany – at least then he could fly.

There was a clear two minutes of silence as the two others processed this thought, before they both simultaneously asked “What?!?”

“Yeah. This can’t be real.” Jay replied, waving it off and trying to act macho.

“Look, we’ll go and have a drink. I’m sure it can’t be that bad.” Jade put an arm, her arm; that was still a bit strange. On Jay’s shoulder. He shrugged it off and pouted, sulking like a child. She sighed and pulled the only card out that might work in this situation. “Hey… Cass might be there.”

With a harrumph, the three of them walked off towards the promenade, towards Parrott’s Bar.

As they entered, there was a bearded man at the bar. He glanced at his watch, held the glance for a few seconds, then picked up a tray full of drinks and headed across the bar to a table.

They sat down, and ordered drinks. Eventually, Bruno got around to them and brought a tray over.

“Hey, you’re Bruno, right?” Jade asked, “You picked us up from Fernandos?” He ignored them for a couple of seconds as he arranged their glasses in the exact centre of each mat, which were each arranged at equal distances across the table.

“Is he supposed to be Captain?” Jamie asked Jay during the silence, noticing the pips on Bruno’s collar.

“Yeah, but what’s going on? How are we all here?” Bruno asked, really confused. He looked down at his watch again, which everyone could now see was clean and no longer encrusted with bogeys as it was before.
Before they had a chance to speak more, or clock anyone else in the room, there was an explosion, and a low rumble that shook everyone off their feet.

Coughing and retching on the smoke, Cass willed her legs to work and lurched dazedly towards the exit, stumbling out onto a mezzanine walkway above a wide open space, lit from above by starlight.

It was quite unmistakeably the Blue Dwarf’s Promenade.

“Hey, that’s Cass.” Jay said, noticing her staggering out of the now wrecked bar.

“Come on, everyone.” He added as he got himself up, and followed her out.

“Wait, where are you going? You can’t abandon the Captain during an emergency!” called a random crewman watching Jay trying to chase Cass out.

“Captain, what should we do?” the crewman asked, looking to Bruno; Who along with Jamie and Jade looked to Jay, while everyone else looked to Bruno. Cass, at this point heard mention of the ‘Captain’ and turned back, to see Jay looking after her.

Bruno looked down at his watch, said “uhhhh” and after counting the seconds off and waiting for a new minute, he looked up at everyone, as they looked back expectantly at him and before he gets a chance to say anything, Jay appears back at the group with Cass in tow.

“What are you all standing around for? Let’s go!”

<Tag! We haven’t figured out what is going on yet, but it looks like the people our characters were in this world aren’t as big, or in the expected place as in our own. Let’s see how everyone builds themselves back up to the people they are known to be. Also, we're calling it a joint post, but they made me write most of it after shouting ideas at me after a bottle of wine and a handful of beers.>

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