-The Following events occur 1.5 months prior to contact-
The small ship Tu'Vass was aboard was cruising along at normal speed. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary everyone did their jobs. Taking every action with the caution needed for such a small crew. It had been 3 days since their last stop. All seemed normal. In fact too normal. No knew the agony what was about to befall them all.
The infection spread fast like fire to dry kindling. When the first sister got sick. It was far to late for any of them to stop it no matter how hard they tried. The supply of antibiotics, Vitamins, and generally any medicines. Were sadly in short supply. Something like this was never planned. Every precaution is taken, if you are found to be sick you are placed far away from anyone and quickly treated, but when the whole crew is sick. Even the only medical staff. No one can get treatment quick enough.

-The following events occur 1 month prior to contact.-
One fourth of the crew had perished by this time. The ship was now just adrift in space. The 3 in charge of flight died 4 days before. More were sick and dying. Fever was disorientating everyone, making them hallucinate causing breakdown in communication. No one was productive. Most just slept all the time. Mumbling crazy talk in their strange language.

-The following events occur 15 days before contact-
Somehow things got worse. So much worse. Only one crew member remained on this ship. Surrounded by her dead sisters. Tu'Vass wondered the halls of the ship lights flickering. The ship was on reserved power. Only a few lights functioning properly and very few rooms still contained breathable air. Tu's breather on her suit was popping and hissing from over use. It was not that the air was not their it was just contaminated. She struggled from hunger and fever to find the helm. Unsure of how to activate the distress beacon, she was determined to. Finally after days of trying she did it. She finally did it. Her message was in her language but, the fear, pain, and distress in her voice get the point across to anyone who heard it. So out into the void a static filled message of panic entered space to find a larger ship with people who would help.

-The following events occur hours before contact-
Tu'Vass watched out the window watching. A large ship came into view. Tu's vision was blurry and her fever high enough she should be dead. She was not sure it was even real but she smiled. A big smile, she wiped the sweat off her head and leaned back in her chair. Waiting and hoping for rescue as she passed out. Still alive but just barley.


(OOC: Sorry, if this is to short or not really the right writing style. Just trying to get back in the groove of writing longer posts after a long while of games where everyone likes short posts)

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