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Encouraging your members to post, an annoying necessity

girl forcing man to postWe’ve all seen roleplaying games where the posts have fizzled out, sometimes in the middle of an interesting story. So why does the story just stop and die? One of the reasons is a key player might suddenly have been unable to post, or suddenly they became too busy to post, or maybe they just forgot. After a long time the desire to continue fades, as does your memory of recent happenings in the game, and there’s no more posts.

I was interested in a recent discussion on RPG-Directory, where user Cady asked whether it’s okay to “poke, prod & beg for posts”. Read More


Field of dreams got it wrong. If you build it they won't come, unless you tell them to

Baseball player in the film "field of dreams"

I haven’t seen the Kevin Costner film “Field of Dreams” because it sounds terrible. Fortunately I have Waynes World which spoofed the film’s main catchphrase “If you build it, they will come”, leading Wayne and Garth to create a rock concert, which goes surprisingly well despite barely any advertising.

The mentality of “If you build it, they will come” is a dangerous one in my opinion. Read More


Advice For Future Roleplayers

Pen and paper

I was browsing the very popular roleplaying forum RPG-Directory today and found an interesting thread asking for members to post valuable roleplaying advice for people who are new to roleplaying. The thread was started by member Shadowed Mirrors and was contributed to by more people than I could possibly list here, it’s best to see the thread here.

Here’s the advice list:

  1. Don’t spam a cbox or you’ll get your head cut off XD
  2. Don’t be rude to older members or you’ll head get cut off
  3. Just don’t loose your head
  4. Save posts to a word document because if you lose it you will be frustrated all day
  5. Variety is good. Mary-sues not so good.
  6. Look-up what a Mary-Sue is XD  Read More