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Online roleplaying – Ideal over lockdown!

Hi folks, I hope you’re having a good 2020!

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I wouldn’t blame you for throwing that compliment back in my face, as 2020 is proving to be a turbulent year, with so much going on in the news, mostly the coronavirus pandemic, forcing so many people across the world to stay in their homes :-/

With much of our social activity now going online, one of the best ways to remain creative AND be social is to start, or take part in online roleplaying.

Writing makes you happier!

Creative writing has been linked to improved mood, well-being, and reduced stress levels for those who engage in it regularly.

Definitely what we need when we’re escaping a pandemic by staying indoors!

More people are playing online

Since the start of when most countries began a lockdown back in March 2020, OngoingWorlds has been busier, with 21% more people coming and looking at the site than before, and people are looking at over 30% more pages than usual (this is according to site analytics).

This isn’t unusual, the coronavirus pandemic has increased revenue in the gaming industry by making online games a popular entertainment option for people who work from home.

Among my circle of friends, there’s definitely been a push to do more gaming, as it’s more difficult to meet up in the real world, so safer to meet up virtually. Among Us seems to be a popular game at the moment for that sort of thing 😉

Theraputic worldbuilding

If you’ve ever created a game on OngoingWorlds you’ll probably know what I mean when I say that worldbuilding is exciting and completely captivating. Creating a believable and fantastical world from your own imagination is exciting, and getting others to write with you and explore your world is even more exciting!

Worldbuilding can also be therapeutic. If you’re feeling artsy, you could also try your hand at drawing or painting scenes from this world you’ve created, or simply describing it with creative words is a good enough distraction from the gloom of reality.

Start or join a game on OngoingWorlds

There’s plenty of games open right now on OngoingWorlds that you can join, where you can get involved in a world & craft a story with others. Or experience the excitement of worldbuilding by starting your own game.

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