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Become a Hero and be entwined in OngoingWorlds’ tentacles forever BWAHAHAHA

Squiddie grabbing heroOkay I admit I just wanted an excuse to use this cool graphic I made.

Actually that’s not true, I wanted to remind you that there’s only 3 days left to get the lifetime Hero membership (more info here).

Normally Hero membership is $1 a month, which isn’t much is it really? But I wanted to give people the chance to buy it FOREVER. But you can only get lifetime membership for a limited time, so hurry up if you want it. 

I’ll bring out some special features just for Hero members soon. And you lifetime members should feel smug that your support is helping keep our servers healthy and paid for.

How to get Hero membership

Donate on our Donation page. If you’re reading this before October 5th there’ll be a button to get lifetime membership. After that, it’ll be $1 a month.