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Thanks to Xexes for the donation


Xexes donated to our running costs, and will be sent a mug!

A few weeks ago I announced that anyone donating over $25 will be sent an OngoingWorlds mug (modelled by Ed below).

Roleplayer Xexes has done just that, so I’ll be sending him one of our special mugs. Xexes is a roleplayer and has written several articles for us which you’ll find here, and you’ll find him on RPG-D here.

Why we need donations

The web hosting needs to be paid for (there’s a cost breakdown here), and usually that’s something I have to do. But it’s really great when someone can donate and get me off the hook for a month! Read More


The next 3 people to donate $25 will get a mug

Edit – This offer has now ended as we’ve had over 3 people donate. Your donations are still welcome and needed though! 

Stack of OngoingWorlds mugs

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We’ve received our first donations!

A piggy wiggy bank

If you’ve not seen it yet, I’ve created a page that allows you to donate to the ongoing maintenance costs of OngoingWorlds, you can see the page here. Over the last few months and years, OngoingWorlds has got more popular, which is amazing, it’s been great to see loads of cool people use it to create amazing roleplaying games. The only problem with increased popularity though is increasing costs! Read More