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Tib’s Corner – Roleplaying Tips: Creating Posts and Good Post Ideas

TIb's SniperHey guys! Tib here, thought I’d share a couple of tips and ideas that I use when I’m writing a post or trying to come up with a good Idea. So let’s begin! Shall we? Okay so one of the biggest things I think is a problem writing posts is getting bored and staying interested in the post. This is hard to beat sometimes, you just have that thought after awhile “UGH! THIS POST IS TAKING FOREVER! THANKS A LOT ALEX!” [No hard feelings buddy :)] and you just lose interest. I agree, it does get boring after a while. But there are ways to make it better!

Listen To Music As You Write: I do this, in fact as I was writing this post I was listening to a wide variety of music. My music varies, it could be the Beatles one song, then Reel Big Fish the next, then maybe Dusty Springfield [It’s only “Son of a Preacher Man” I heard it in Pulp Fiction and I liked it.], or the Talking Heads. Put on an artist you like and start writing. In fact some songs you might listen to could spark a new idea in your head! For Example: Listening to say the Beatles cover of “Till There Was You” Could spark an idea of getting one of your characters in love with another! Listening to Two Steps From Hell’s [These guys just make epic orchestral tracks] “Strength of a Thousand Men” could give you the idea of a battle scene. Music helps alot, try it.

Taking a break: You don’t have to sit there and write it in one sitting. That’s another thing that can cause you to lose interest, you feel like you HAVE to write it, but you don’t want to. Take a break, get off the computer or just browse the internet or play a game. I play a game to take a break, if you haven’t learned in Cbox I am addicted to Team Fortress 2, I use it to take a break. Take a break between 10 minutes to half an hour or even a full hour if you really need it.