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We’ve received our first donations!

A piggy wiggy bank

If you’ve not seen it yet, I’ve created a page that allows you to donate to the ongoing maintenance costs of OngoingWorlds, you can see the page here. Over the last few months and years, OngoingWorlds has got more popular, which is amazing, it’s been great to see loads of cool people use it to create amazing roleplaying games. The only problem with increased popularity though is increasing costs! Hosting, traffic, email usage & domain names all have to be paid for, so it’d be absolutely splendid if you could help me share the cost!

If you’d like to donate, go here and click the Paypal button. You don’t have to be a Paypal member to donate BTW, it’s just the easiest way to handle payments.

We’ve had some donations already, from 3 awesome friends of mine who I’ve known for ages on my Blue Dwarf game. Let me introduce you!

SMAndyAndy “SMAndy” Jones

SMAndy was a member of Blue Dwarf for many years, and now has his own game on OngoingWorlds, HMS Sovereign which is incredibly well-written hard science fiction. SMAndy also helps out on the Blue Dwarf podcast by reading out posts.

Rebecca TordoffRebecca Tordoff

Becca was a member of Blue Dwarf for many years, playing several characters. She’s an awesome writer, and now writes for HMS Sovereign. She’s also got an amazing voice that she uses to record posts for the Blue Dwarf podcast.


Chris KentleaChris Kentlea

Chris writes extremely hilarious posts for the Blue Dwarf that never fail to crack me up. He also creates resources for roleplayers, which is sells at his store on DriveThruRPG. He also provides cool ideas, names, plots and useful stuff on his blog.

Each of the above have received special awards on their profile for their donations.

I’ll proudly post another blog article about the next 3 people to donate too, so if you want to be mentioned, go here and click on the “donate” button.