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5 tips for someone joining a PbEM game for the first time

Joining a PBeM game for the first time can be quite confusing, here are a few tips for the newbie.

  1. Get an idea of how frequently you’ll be expected to post. Some games are strict on this, and will remove you from the game if you don’t post after two weeks, and some will be more relaxed and allow you to post as much as you want. Don’t join a game where you’re expected to post more than you can handle.
  2. Take notice of the GM’s posts. In every game there will be someone who takes responsibility for the storyline (this is most likely the GM), otherwise there will be no story, leaving your character with nothing to do. Make sure you take notice of what the GM is posting, as it will contain important story that relates directly to your character.
  3. Take notice of everyone else’s posts. Other members in the game are contributing to the story too, if you post something that conflicts with theirs your game will loose continuity and you might offend other members.
  4. Leave a cliffhanger at the end of your post. This doesn’t have to always be a dramatic life-or-death cliffhanger, but it’s best to finish your post at a point where someone else can take it further.
  5. Communicate with other players. Email other players with ideas about what you could do next, and see if they mind you using their character in your post. Most people will love other people using their characters, but some are protective about their characters and want the courtesy of you asking first. This prevents surprises and other players getting annoyed if you’re stepping in and changing the story from what they had planned.