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Closed games that had good ideas

I let you know recently that I’ve been closing inactive games. Some of these games actually had pretty good ideas, and well planned worlds. So might have become inactive for many reasons, some never made it past a few posts, maybe some just didn’t attract ebnough members, and maybe some were just too complicated.

Here’s some that caught my eye as I closed them, and perhaps we can speculate in the comments about why they didn’t continue, the good news is that I have added new games, and now we can all use these Rise of Kingdoms Guides and Strategies to have some fun. 

dark spaceshipDark

The Leviathin is a large ship. About a mile long , actually, and the trip Cruxim, an uncharted galaxy, was going good, until the alarm went off. A scan showed biological traces on a fast moving asteroid. We stopped as we heard a distress call, realizing it wasn’t an asteroid, but an out of control ship. Before the thrusters could come back on, it slammed into us. That was a week ago. It’s getting cold, and oxygen is running out. The life support shut off, and we are getting hungry. Bad things are going to happen unless we can find out what happened out there and fix it. You will be going with me out into the ship, to fix everything. Out into the dark.

Zombie Brotherhood

The year is 1946. The Soviet Union has risen to the worlds only nation. After the fall of Nazi Germany the Union launched a new weapon. That slowly took over the minds of anyone that was placed under its influence. The nation rose after its former enemies and allies submitted to them. Shortly after the Soviet commander, Stalin realized a problem in the weapon. Certain individuals were unaffected. This meant that they could rebel. So using his enslaved Zombie like subjects he began imprisoning these individuals in hope to convert them.

(This is where you find yourself one day. You are a prisoner in one of these camps. You and who ever you ally yourself with need to escape first. The game will expand based on actions done.)

Arcade machineCircuits of the Cade

A world set inside of a arcade. Where game characters go on adventures traveling from game to game exploring the world of Cade. Between the worlds of cade is a strage land where anything can happen. Its a place no one wants to get caught in a fight. If you die here you dont get a reset like in your home game. Just like in any other game you travel to you will only find deresolution. Arcade games consist оf a simple, уеt bulky machine, wіth a colorful screen, аnd ѕоmе sticks оr buttons tо play wіth, аnd a device tо рut coins іn, whісh allows thе game tо bе played fоr a particular period оf tіmе. You can order Arcade games from Diamond leisure, To get best Arcade game discover more here.

X-Files: I Want To Believe

You are a member of the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Specifically, the X-Files: Started by President J. Edgar Hoover, the cases have evolved from simple ‘unsolved crimes’ and ‘cold cases’ to anything supernatural, paranormal, or just plain W-E-I-R-D!

You job is to look into the cases, poke around, chat up the locals, learn the history, and then find the culprit, be it man, beast or some…man-beast. Or maybe a Deamon? There is a plethora of possible peevish persons to pick from. You just need to find them. Maybe?
He may escape? He way be killed? He have never existed! Who knows…


No one remembers the calendar anymore. The Colonial Alliance HQ (Indian sub-continent, Earth, Sol), which holds what remains of the Gregorian Calendar, claims the year is 4034 but when Humanity dispersal is measured in light years and the average speed is relativistic, absolute time tends to fall by the wayside. And when the amount of people is measured in the trillions, time is not the only thing difficult to keep tabs on, government is too.

The Colonial Alliance occupies a segment roughly 12 degrees of arc around Sol. That is the last iteration of the old Earth ruling democracy. The Great Empire stretches another ten degrees of arc down the arm after Sol and is the home of all the people who don’t know any better or don’t trust themselves or most people to run things. The United Kingdoms intersect somewhat with CA territory and occupy 10 or so degrees of arc up the arm. They prefer to keep to themselves and maintain the Golden Rule (whoever has the gold, makes the rules). The Union of Free Humans lies beyond the United Kingdoms, occupying the beginning of the arm towards the galactic center. There, where distances grow tighter and star formation is a hop and a skip away, you can find and do virtually anything. And that is how they prefer to roll.
But all these organisations are more managerial as governments stretch to dozens of star systems, they tend to fracture.
But at least we have the gate companies. Stellar Assemblies, Passage and Galactic Ways take care to maintain and operate the interstellar gate system and allow the super fast, FTL travel possible between star system, keeping the illusion of the galactic village.
But what will happen when the glue that holds star systems together begin to unravel?

murder game corridorThe Murder Game

In a small school, there is a student body that plays the Murder Game. They pick a kid from the school and make up a murder for them. They make suspects, and chose how it is done. And the next day, a student, the student they chose turns up dead. Now this is a mystery, the only way to solve it, is to continue the game, until they find the right suspect. No one can be trusted and everyone is a suspect. It is kill or be killed. Play the game before the game plays you…

Hollow Space

[Circa 3033 – Colonial Date 205cd] Mankind has long been at home scattered amongst the stars, entire systems converted to inhabit human life, the shackles of Earth finally broken, it has been two hundred and five years since the Off-world Colonial Assembly was founded and one hundred and fifty years since the founding of Athena the first human settlement off world. Athena was located in the Andromeda system.

game1151-imageThe OCA oversaw the colonization of five star systems, The Milky Way, Andromeda, Andromeda II, Pegasus and the fifth system Sagittarius. Peace reigned throughout the systems until the colonization programme of Sagittarius began in 198cd when two worker ships who had completed the terraforming of the planet Helios sparked a rebellion. A charismatic worker by the name Artorius Rend lead a coup aboard his ship and incited one on the other, the group quickly grew into an armed and organised rebel crew and they captured smaller ships in the area until they had a small fleet. The OCA having never dealt with a rebellion before dispatched a rookie fleet to quell the uprising which resulted in heavy losses for both sides and a stalemate when the dust settled. An OCA lieutenant, aboard the Murder of Crows James C Reaver did the unthinkable and harbored sympathies for the rebels, the lieutenant lead a coup against his own ship captain and seized command, he and a band of men loyal to him imprisoned any who opposed them and turned their guns on the other OCA ships. The Murder of Crows declared itself the rebel flagship and vanished from the system with the remaining revolutionaries.

When the OCA finally tracked down Reaver and Rend they had amassed a fearsome armada and went head to head with the OCA fleet in a war that latest six long years until the Sagittarius system was gutted, a graveyard littered with the husks of starships. Helios suffered a similar fate becoming a dead planet, the first people due to settle their perished in the war, what remained of the OCA retreated to the home systems leaving Sagittarius ravaged and dying.

The rebel armada followed the OCA into the other systems, their war engulfed the human systems and lay waste to hundreds of years of work and human strife. Both sides all but wiped each other out in the conflict with no clear winner. Now each system lays silent and still, a Hollow Space among the stars littered sparsely with a few survivors carving out their own stories in the wastelands of space.

pacific airshipsPacific Airships

An alternative-history Steampunk game set in the South Pacific Ocean. The great powers of the year 1889 (Britain, France, Germany, Ausrtia-Hungary, and to an extent, America) have begun to look to the islands of the Pacific for trade and opportunity. While most islands are claimed by the great powers, very few European settlements actually exist, and most islands are inhabited by native people.

You are a Airship crew member, be it a captain or anything else, whose purpose is up to you. You could be a trader, a Navy Airship, a pirate, or anything else you’d imagine an airship to be.

snakeBroken glass

The dark underground of Las Vegas is populated with scum, corruption, and crime. Crime like assassinations, drugs, human trafficking, and thievery. This city is not safe and filled with danger. Twists and turns await many people who try to make a living in this kind of world. Who will survive depends on the morals and how far one will go for survival.

Elder’s World

Elder’s World is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), released with Nerve Gear, a VR helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain, players can experience & control their in-game characters with their minds. One week after, the players log into Elder’s World they discover that they are unable to log out. they are then told by the Dark Lord Necrodemus aka Dr. Kimoto the creator of Elder’s World, that if they wish to be free they must reach the 1000th floor of the floating Kronos Castle of the game and defeat him. Dr. Kimoto developed a God complex & trapped the players in the game as well as turned off the Portal Gates.

elders gameThis is a level based game & due to accidents the players learned that if they die they come back in the church as usual but they loose small memories each time. Now the players are forced to make a choice, do they risk their memories trying to defeat Dr. Kimoto or wait for for help from the outside while their bodies wither away on life support. To make things worse their is a rise in Player Killers & Newbie Slavers (Lv 20 or less). Beta Testers gained a small advantages since they played the game before but noticed many changes since then. The game set up is similar to WOW, Elf Quest and D&D Games with Multi Race, Class & Sub-Class Each Country is home to various Races and the Floating Castle Kronos is in the middle of the continent.

game900-imageEscaped Madness

Batman is assumed dead, the city of Gotham is grieving, and the inmates of Arkham are preparing to run rampant on the island of Arkham. They have to leader, but all they know is that Joker is going to escape, and in the ensuing chaos. They each have their own plan, and each plan is going to be horrible on Arkham and Gotham.

This is mildly based off of the Dark Knight Trilogy and the Arkham games, but it is more of a spin-off of both combined. This is a villain only game, so NO ONE can play Batman. He is a NPC, who can be controlled by anyone, as long as it isn’t too bad. Also, he is only controllable as the NPC, WHEN I SAY SO! So no Batman coming in suddenly. Also, this game okay, as long as no one escapes in their first post or destroys Gotham right away.


Last year, something bad happened at the Effusus Facility in [REDACTED]. It was an experiment gone wrong, tested on various animals, including a few humans. The contagion became more… contagious than originally thought, transmitted through the exchange of saliva. After a brutal attack upon the scientists by their own animal test subjects, the animals escaped into the wilderness. They managed to infect some humans, and they turned into a were- version of whatever animal had bitten them, their shifts into were-animals triggered by releases of adrenaline.

Most scientists who survived the attack went out to try to contain the epidemic. Some decided it was more worth their time to pretend they had no knowledge of the event. But as information spreads, along with the disease, it becomes harder and harder to deny that you know something. Unless you’re a were-animal, yourself. If you are, the odds are that you don’t know it. Were-animals retain no memory of their shifts, nor their activity while in their other form.

This is extremely dangerous, especially with hunters out to kill them to contain the spread of the epidemic, and captors after them to use them for personal gain. Will you survive the spread of were-animals? Or will you meet your early demise?

planetsWorlds Alike

The corner of your eye is an odd place.

You always seem to see something, but when you turn to look, there’s nothing there. You think nothing of it, and you continue on your business. But now, in the 2100, after decades of research, Professor James Louis (age 85) finally managed to confirm the suspicions: the things you see in the corner of your eyes are actually links to another parallel world. Only it’s a world where you have died. Thankfully, this helped fix the time paradox where only one of you can exist in each word, and you can travel to them without worries of breaking the universe.

Now, in 2143, the first team is ready to test the portals and venture into the new worlds to see how “parallel” the worlds are. Join them on an adventure of a lifetime, searching through worlds that may or may not be the same in many different ways.

my little pony apocalpyseMy Little Pony: Pony Apocalypse

The kingdom has been destroyed by an ancient race of haters from a distant galaxy in the Alpha Centauri star system.
First they dropped nuclear weapons of mass destruction on Equestria, now you must find the Garden of Eden Creation Kit and restore Equestria.