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Roleplaying story summaries from 2011


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2011 was a great year for OngoingWorlds, we had over 200 new members join up, and 148 new games were created (almost double the amount of games created the year before!). Also the game Blue Dwarf was moved to OngoingWorlds from aYahoo Group, instantly making it the game with the most posts on the entire site.

2011 was also a great year for many roleplaying games. Here’s some story summaries of other roleplaying games from 2011:

Spellbound, a fantasy game played on OngoingWorlds

Spellbound is a game where people play the role of a Mage who has just started their training at the magical school of Aetherion.

The story so far is each young mage has been introduced, and shared their story of how they have come to be at the school of Aetherion. Every character has come from a different town, a different history. Some are runaways, others simply seeking adventure. The Master Mage, a man with a nickname of Flamebeard (Because, he set fire to his beard once – long story!) has welcomed the students to the school and has set them on a task to find a special stone within a waterfall cave. This stone will aid them in the next part of their training. As they are walking to the cave, the players have been really engaging in bringing in their characters back-stories to life, and I’ve really wanted to encourage that growth. One of the young mages, a young girl named Skye dashed ahead of the group, and due to her klutz nature, has managed to trip and knock herself out! She is currently awaiting rescue from the other players, as she’s managed to get herself in quite a pickle!

USS Challenger, A Star Trek RPG played via Yahoo Group

Acting on a tip-off from a classified source, Commander Tal Tel-ar gathered the crew of the USS Challenger to warn them of a grave threat to Federation security. Somewhere in the Trinity sector, en route to Starbase 118, a Bajoran freighter, under the control of the Scarlet Brotherhood, harboured a deadly cargo that they intended to use to obliterate the Federation’s power base in the region. Somehow, the Brotherhood had managed to get their hands on a Thalaron generator, a weapon capable of annihilating all organic matter on a target as large as a planet within a matter of seconds. So the Challenger and her crew warped into action.

Extensive searching led to the crew picking up a scent. The Bajoran freighter Pah Shar, although seemingly carrying harmless cargo, raised one or two too many questions in the minds of the officers who had been assigned to search her. Eventually, a search of Engineering revealed a hidden compartment that contained some elements that could have been used to assemble a Thalaron weapon and didn’t appear on the manifest. The engineer’s reaction to this discovery was violent, raising alarm bells in the minds of the boarding party and those still aboard ship. The Bajoran crew reacted swiftly, capturing the boarding party and locking them away with the human scientist who they had coerced into assembling their device, but drawing on their Starfleet training, the away team escaped, and eventually tracked down the first officer and captain of the freighter. Engaged in a battle to the death, the Challenger crew managed to narrowly escape, liberating the human scientist in the process, but not before Sky Blake was stabbed through the spinal column, paralysing her from the waist down.

Blue Dwarf, a scifi game played via OngoingWorlds

After 10 years of searching, the crew of the Blue Dwarf finally found the ship they were sent to find, the JMC Red Dwarf. Discovering it was drifting through space and leaking deadly radiation, they board the ship in radiation suits and find all the crew dead, but lifesigns lead them to discover an army of ‘Kangaphins’ had boarded the ship, genetically engineered half kangaroos, half dolphins that wanted to crash the Red Dwarf into the home planet of their mortal enemies, so the Red Dwarf’s lethal Cadmium II radiation would render their world uninhabitable. Seymour’s young half-alien daughter Alota found that the Cadmium II radiation actually made her stronger and eventually relied upon it so much that she wasn’t able to leave. Just before the ship crashed into the planet, Alota used her alien powers to conjure a wormhole, taking the Red Dwarf far away but trapping herself on the ship.

After the death of Captain Jay Chrysler, a new Captain joined who grated on everyone aboard. Representing the JMC directly (which has become corrupt) Captain Castillo gave morally challenging order,s leading to the crew and all the major players taking sides. Eventually the rebellion overthrew the new Captain, and Amber Febuggre became Captain, taking the Blue Dwarf freelance and fought against the corrupt JMC. It was eventually revealed that the JMC board of directors had been infiltrated by Kinitawowi, who had been creating clones of Captain Castillo for every ship in the fleet. This ended in a large battle when the crew of the Blue Dwarf destroyed the JMC HQ, but were sucked through a giant wormhole just as the battle was ending. A spy onboard who was still loyal to the JMC destroyed the Blue Dwarf’s core, leaking lethal Cadmium II radiation throughout the ship. Trapped, the only way for the crew to survive was to go into stasis, not waking up until 3 million years later and finding the ship was now home to mutated and evolved creatures.

Court of Dreams, A Shoujo Anime Champions RPG played via OngoingWorlds

Seven Young Girls intertwined by magic are given Godlike powers to protect the earth from forces of evil. These girls have cover identities as both students of Ravenswood and as Mistresses of the magical arts.

The Black Harlequin sent out some Tragic 8-Ball toys rigged to make predictions come true, but in a bad way. Talisman tried to create a counterpart to the Princess of Dreams by recruiting her rival, Babete Minoir but end up creating the Black Enchantress. This lead to a transfer for all six girls to Ravenswood for their own protection.

Lady Heart made her appearance when Slug, in an attempt to use Dreamstar’s amulet to summon the Elder Worm, broke out of Stronghold to lure her into a trap. Thanks to Lady Heart’s quick thinking, she was able to turn the tables on Slug recapturing him and placing him into a HotSleep chamber right back to the Prison.

Duronis II Embassy, a Star Trek RPG played via Yahoo Group

When a special ops mission to inflitrate a Laudean crime boss Bolivia Gaev’s hideout in order to uncover the information needed to expose him went wrong, the crew of the Duronis II Embassy found themselves embroiled in a dangerously sensitive SAR mission. Several characters were kidnapped, and others had to track them down. Their search led them off-planet, and in pursuit of a Romulan Scout vessel, presumed to have been purchased on the black market.

Meanwhile, the search for information on Gaev revealed a plot to locate Pah-Wraiths sealed in artifacts, with the long-term goal of freeing the Kosst Amojan from their prison in the fire caves.

The capture of Gaev’s shuttle marked an encouraging victory for the crew of the USS Thunder, and provided them with an opportunity to put an end to Gaev’s off-world association once and for all. Surgically altering themselves to appear Laudean, they infiltrated Harromad’s inner circle aboard the freighter Pah Krel, and became entangled in the Syndicate and Brotherhood’s plans to disrupt the process of Bajor joining the Federation. Before they could take decisive action, their cover was blown. They were caught and captured, then returned to their crew with a very clear message: get out of their business, or they would not be so lucky next time.

The crew docked at Deep Space 9 to formulate a new plan. The USS Thunder, under the command of Lt. Commander Unum, left DS9 to intercept the Pah-Krel. A plan of attack has been plotted to take control of the Orion Freighter, Pah-Krel, and disable the energy dampening weapon, that pose a threat to DS9 and the dignitaries who were attending the talks to determine if Bajor would become a member of the United Federation of Planets.

Successful, they headed back to DS9 with the freighter in tow, but soon found that the Scarlet Brotherhood had installed a failsafe on the Pah-Krel. The USS Thunder was joined by the USS Tolstoy to run a coordinated firing pattern effectively knocking out the dampening device, and rendering the Pah-Krel powerless. Word was later spread that Bajor was accepted into the United Federation of Planets.

What will be will be, a modern high school drama played on OngoingWorlds

Last year in What will be, will be the storyline saw a young girl, Evangeline Turner, go through a life-threatening ordeal. Within this initial struggle it brought to light many others that were caught in a world of their own problems, from a depressed young girl, to an abused teen. Set in a high school surrounding, it showed how anything can be achieved if you have the mind to strive for it, and the support needed to make it through to the end. Friendships were formed, lives were changed, and everybody came out of it a whole load stronger than when they went in.

Before the Mast RPG, a pirate game played via forum

This year many things have happened “Before the Mast”, in a time span from about March 1719 to July. We have celebrated the engagement of the French Governor’s daughter with the first lieutenant of the French Navy flagship, as well as three weddings – one in Hispaniola, one in Tortuga and one aboard the pirate ship. (For two of them, the parties are still ongoing). There has been a mutiny aboard the privateer ship, ending with the death of the acting captain and the crew splitting. The mutineers commandeered the prize ship they had in tow, changed its name into “Twilight Shark” and elected their captain, who managed to obtain a letter of marque and to attack a pirate ship. Now they are in the process of negotiating a truce, asked by the pirates.

Two mercenaries have also dismantled a network of villains who were kidnapping young free girls of colour and selling them as slaves. The pirates have been busy this year too – besides successful looting, their captain got caught by the French Navy, then saved from prison by his faithful crew, with a mercenary’s help, and some got wounded in the process. They had managed, however, to avoid getting caught by the alliance of the British and French Navy, who had captured two other pirate ships, becoming the heroes of Jamaica and Hispaniola. Will their good luck last? It’s for 2012 to tell…

USS Ronin, a Star Trek RPG played via Yahoo Group

In light of the threat of an allied Orion and Scarlet Brotherhood fleet being assembled from salvaged and stolen ships at a shipyard in the Badlands, members of the USS Challenger and USS Constitution were assembled for a stealth operation on the USS Ronin. With little time to adjust to each other, the members of the two crews, and some newly assigned officers, found themselves at loggerheads.

When the USS Ronin arrived at the designated co-ordinates, it became all too clear that the shipyard was much bigger than the intelligence reports had indicated. The Ronin used modified shield geometry to channel plasma from the Badlands’ naturally occurring storms in order to mask the ship’s approach, while marine fighters using one-shot phasing modifications attempted strafing runs to gather sensor data. Meanwhile, two teams of infiltrators were beamed into sensitive locations aboard the shipyard to plant a computer virus to cripple work on the fleet.

Complications arose when Lieutenant Commander Parker’s team came upon something wholly unexpected: the USS Avenger, a Defiant-class starship that had long since been thought destroyed and was being reverse engineered. It was quickly decided that the Avenger could not remain in enemy hands, and so Lieutenant Walker, the Ronin’s chief engineer, began emergency work to bring basic propulsion back online.

Escaping with the Avenger in tow, the Ronin began to take a beating from those ships that were ready to launch, its cover now well and truly blown. However, with the infiltration teams’ virus successfully uploaded and all personnel back aboard ship, the virus they had planted caused the enemy ships to to experience system-wide failures, allowing the Ronin and Avenger to escape.

Ancient Ties, a futuristic fantasy game played on OngoingWorlds

Ancient ties began this year, its about these super strong humans called Shocktroops who are reincarnated versions of a long forgotten race called Skidva, who placed their souls in human bodies so they couldn’t die. The game’s main characters set out on a quest to find their destined weapons. The master of their guild sent them out to the desert leading them to an ancient Skidva civilization. But the enemies of the story, (the Sythons) and their leader (Daggoras) is determined to either destroy them or turn them into more Sythons. A fight broke out and one of main characters has been infected with the Dark Pulse, an infection of dark energy that starts to control its host and eventually takes over. A private battle between Sundor, the guild leader of the Shocktroops and Daggoras, the main enemy.