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How to write a newsletter for your roleplaying game/site

DavidRecently on our Facebook page I asked what sort of articles you’d like to see on the blog, & several people asked asked for more helpful advice for roleplayers & game owners. Elena (who runs her own roleplaying site “Before the Mast”) volunteered to write us this article. She talks about a game as a “site”, but this is totally relevant if your game is part of a larger site, like games on OngoingWorlds.

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How to write a newsletter for your site

The marketing concepts would tell you that newsletters are one of the least expensive – and most effective – public relations tools that exist for drawing attention to a website. I’d say it is very valid for the RPG world too, as it happens on sites. Read More


How to celebrate your RP events with activities & prizes

Happy 3rd Birthday to Before the Mast

This article was written by Elena Vasilescu.

My site, “Before the Mast”, has just turned three years old. In a world where many RPGs are created on a whim, going belly up before their half year anniversary, each new year a RPG is marking is a reason for celebration. Therefore, anniversary celebrations, events of all kind and prizes are the subject of my present article.

I had seen, on resource sites, several people asking “my site’s first anniversary is approaching. How should I celebrate it? What can I do?” Read More


Advertising an RPG

main_ASA2Maybe other people who have studies in Communication and PR would approach it from another side, and I am curious to see how they see it too. But as an economist who has learnt management and marketing in Uni, I believe in applying as many marketing and management concepts to managing a RPG. Yes, RPGs are not profit yielding, but this is the only main difference. In truth, most concepts applying to small businesses and non profit organisations do apply to it.
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