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How to create a Facebook page for your Roleplaying game

In the previous article I explained how creating a Facebook fan page for your game will help you to get new members. This article will show you how to create a page for your roleplaying game, if you already have a fan page and want to know how to set it to automatically publish a link to your game’s latest post, read this article.

Create the fan page

To get started, go to and click “create page”.

Create a facebook fan page

You’re creating a page that you want to use to post regular information about your game, so you’ll want to create an “Official Page” not a “Community Page”. The latter doesn’t give us the amount of control and customisation we want.

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Create a Facebook page for your roleplaying game

girl holding sign saying "find my roleplaying game on facebook"

So you’ve got a roleplaying game that’s doing okay, it’s been well thought out and you’ve written a few posts, but what you really need are some more members!

Advertise to get new members!

How will people know about your roleplaying game if you don’t tell people about it?! It’s very unlikely that someone is going to stumble on your webpage by chance. I’ve talked before about how you should advertise your game and also listed some good sites to advertise on, but Facebook is also great place to advertise, because it’s a website that so many people use!

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How I have been using Facebook to advertise Ongoing Worlds

Ongoingworlds facebook pageSo I’ve created this website called Ongoing Worlds. I think it’s pretty cool but I got to the point after I’ve put it live to the internet where I realised it’s missing something. Members! So I had to go about getting people to use the thing, quite nervously biting my nails because I’ve put so much effort into building that site that I really don’t want it all to be wasted if nobody likes it.

With Facebook dominating the news lately as the most popular social network in the world, I had to at least consider it as a way to promote the website. I’m a keen user of Facebook anyway to chat to my friends, but I didn’t really have a lot of friends on there that were roleplayers.
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What to do when your Facebook roleplaying account is deleted

Facebook logo in a coffinFacebook can decide whether your roleplaying character lives or dies.

Facebook doesn’t like roleplayers, and if it sees that you have a separate account that you use for roleplaying, your account might be deleted. I’ve written about the reasons why in this post. One of the roleplayers I heard about being deleted was Fleet Admiral Michael Knight, roleplaying as a Star Trek character. He had to recreate his profile.

Michael Knight on FacebookI made up a new e-mail address and then a new profile. Luckily i am friends with a few RP people in RL so they re added me and told other people to add me. was quite easy really. but was a pain in the butt having to make up a new profile.
FltAdm Michael Knight on Facebook

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Facebook hates roleplayers

no roleplaying allowed on facebook

In a recent article I explained how you can use Facebook for roleplaying. You can create a new profile for your character and post to your own wall and other people’s walls as your character, speaking as if you are the character updating their own Facebook account.

But roleplaying is something that Facebook doesn’t like.

Vice-Admiral KirkI just personally feel that Facebook doesn’t like our Hobby shall we say. It is a means of escaping real life pressures but facebook won’t allow us to do that.

Vice Admiral James T Kirk on Facebook

Facebook might delete you

That’s right, if you don’t use Facebook the way they intend for you to use it, your account might be deleted. If that happens, there’s no way to get it back. All you messages are deleted, all your wall posts deleted, all your friend connections, all your photos, all your Farmville scores are all deleted.

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve experimented recently with having a separate roleplaying account for Facebook and made some connections with other roleplayers. At least once a week I heard that someone’s account had been deleted, and they’d had to create a new account.

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Using Facebook for roleplaying

Facebook logoMany people use Facebook as a place to roleplay as a character. Facebook is one of the most advanced websites for keeping in touch with your friends and allows you to post regular updates that your friends can see and comment on. There’s great potential here for roleplaying as a character, but there’s also some really annoying limitations, the main being that Facebook really don’t like roleplayers and might remove your profile.

Roleplay your character’s social life

In other forms of roleplayign you might be used to playing the part of a character to create a story, or complete a campaign. Facebook is a lot more social, and you can really assume the role of your character and interact with other people as if you’re acting out your character’s social life.

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