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Automatically post a Facebook status update when you post in Ongoing Worlds

ongoingworlds post to facebook

EDIT – This post is old now, so I’ve written a new one with updated instructions and screenshots. You can see it here

If you’ve got a Facebook fan page for your game (you might have created one from the previous tutorial), you might want to set it to automatically post an update to your page when someone posts in your game on OngoingWorlds.

This can be done by adding an app to your page called RSS Graffiti. To get started, go to the app page here:

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How to create a Facebook page for your Roleplaying game

In the previous article I explained how creating a Facebook fan page for your game will help you to get new members. This article will show you how to create a page for your roleplaying game, if you already have a fan page and want to know how to set it to automatically publish a link to your game’s latest post, read this article.

Create the fan page

To get started, go to and click “create page”.

Create a facebook fan page

You’re creating a page that you want to use to post regular information about your game, so you’ll want to create an “Official Page” not a “Community Page”. The latter doesn’t give us the amount of control and customisation we want.

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