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Stick your face in a cake for Moderator appreciation day

It wasn’t widely announced, but Monday was Moderator appreciation day. I completely forgot until the night before, so didn’t make much of a big deal about the day itself apart from a meek message on our Facebook & Twitter.

Kim from RPRepository put up a fantastic message, thanking all forum moderators. She’d even baked a cake, which she proceeded to stick her face into. Seriously! Watch this:

I’d like to thank all the moderators of games on OngoingWorlds, you’re all doing a superb job keeping your games going – I know it’s a tough job, especially the first few months. I’m so glad to see games on OngoingWorlds with histories that now stretch back multiple years! Well done guys & gals!

I especially want to thank the moderators in Blue Dwarf (OW’s longest-running game) Andy, Jack & Locke, who have been doing an amazing job at keeping the place running whilst I’ve been slacking off doing boring things like moving house. In fact they do a much better job tbh! So I just wanted to say I appreciate it.

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